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Registry of Marriage for Wedding

rom_logo2.gifSoon…we will need to file notice of marriage at our Singapore’s Registry of Marriage. Normally, we can do 25 days to 30 days before our solemnisation day.

?I didn’t know that we need the license number of our solemniser. When I called him, he was in overseas and I couldn’t get him.

What are the things we need to do:

We will have to get our solemniser to sign a consent form: https://www.rom.gov.sg/rom/reg_info/pdf/Consent_to_Solemnise.pdf

and?go through the checklist so we will be sure of what to do: https://www.rom.gov.sg/rom/reg_info/pdf/checklist_outsideROM.pdf

Prepare the Identity Cards and/or Passports of Groom, Bride and 2 Witnesses (who will sign on the Marriage Register which will be kept by ROM).To file for notice of marriage online now, go here: https://app.rom.gov.sg/internet/efile/file_notice_marriage_step1a.asp


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