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Stlye Weddings Magazine; A Must-Have!!!


When I first started off, I was clueless of how to start off planning my wedding.

?My cousin passed me 3 copies of old issues of Style Weddings magazines. It was very useful, quite heavy though. About 500 pages of information, pictures, photos, hotels, bridal studios, jewellery, wedding favors?and many more…

Good to flip through initially before being drowned by the realisation of….wow..so many things to do….till your wedding day

For ladies especially, If you see any wedding gown designs that you like, mark the page or note down the designs. It will be useful when you share with your Bridal Studio coordinator what kind of designs you prefer.

Style weddings have their own website: https://www.styleweddings.sg/

(A must-go website to glimpse through what you need to do for your wedding.)

in_050201_smag.jpg?So get your copy of Style Weddings now (issue 8; sept 06 – Feb 07) priced at $8.50. If you have 10% discount card like Kinokuniya card, you can get a 10% off.?The magazine for this issue?comes with $100 off Lee Hwa voucher (in addition to the 10% discount). I got my wedding bands from Lee Hwa…Very satisfied with their service and designs….Won’t you get your copy of Style Wedding Today! Now?!

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