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How to take care of Our Skin till Our Wedding Day

As you know, we are both working. And we are very tired. Who is not tired after working?

As a guy, I can tell you I’m 100%?clueless of the beauty care that ladies always talk about.face.jpg

Think I better take some time to learn some tips so that I can share with my fiancee on what I have learnt. And I can also use what I learnt to keep my face clean.

?Now, I’m surfing the net and even buying ladies’ magazines such as Her World, Stlyle, Female and Cleo?Magazines and browsing through websites which provide tips for skin care.

?For a start, I found these skin care tips from a website and I would like to share with you:

1) Protect yourself from the sun — use sunscreen and avoid direct sunlight between the hours of 10am?and 2pmlips-copy.jpg?(my comments: For my darling, I always suggest she wears a cap. But due to her nature of work, wearing of cap is not really suitable.)

2) Protect yourself from stress — both emotional and environmental stress (Ya..tell me about it? Who in the world has no stress? Stress is always the culprit!!! As the future husband, I tried to minimise her stress and worries by encouraging her to share with me most of her problems, no matter big or small. We spent about 1 hour to chit-chat every night before we sleep. That is what I call Quality TIME!!!)

3) Get adequate rest and nutrition (Yes, lots of fruits and vegetables is good for the hair and the skin and the health. But nowadays, we, the?working adults where got time to eat?a balanced diet with fruits, vegetables and meat? If you can, tell me how you did it? I want to know.)


4) Wash your face twice a day and put on the proper treatment product. Bring a facial cleanser to work and wash your face once after lunch. (Got two benefits: one to keep your face clean. two to keep you from falling asleep after the heavy lunch. Yawnn….zzz..zz.z)


5) Keep your makeup clean. Replace the sponges in your compact on a regular basis. Now and then, toss the whole works and start fresh — the average shelf life for cosmetics is 6 to 12 months. Don’t buy products so expensive that you’ll be heartbroken if you have to throw them away

(something I really agree, with both my hands and feets put up in the air?in total agreement. I just don’t understand why ladies spent so much money on cosmetics and seldom use them all. I just buy a $10 Neutrogena facial cleanser from the shop nearby my house and I can use it for a few months. Hah!!…That is why there is a saying “the men never get it.”)


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