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Wedding Snapshots 7: First March In and Solemnisation

Finally, as the music played softly in the background and the doors were opened, we slowly made our way into the ballroom….

for once…we felt like stars…the feeling was magical…unbelievable…as if we were floating on clouds…

as we marched towards the stage…our solemniser welcomed us…and asked us if we came on our own freewill…”just to check… :p

parents were invited up the stage to witness the signing of the papers…

every guest’s eyes were fixed on the stage to witness this wondrous and touching moments…

soon after, we were declared husband and wife…>.<

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One Response to “Wedding Snapshots 7: First March In and Solemnisation”

  1. 1
    TOFUmonkey Says:

    hey hey, nice venue….
    looks like crown prince.

    is this it?
    makes me reminise about my wedding at Dragon Gate Chinese restaurant and my big day.

    everything went smoothly for me with bare minimum hiccups. 🙂

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