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9 Tips To A Happy Marriage Lessons I Have Learnt

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As my wife and I were planning our second honeymoon (sort of) to Japan for 2 full weeks, we were recalling on how a getaway plan can go down into pieces so easily.

Barely 2 months ago, we have just bought our new flat which cost us at least US$430,000 and thinking about the amount of loans we have to pay back for the next few decades is really discouraging.

It was one of the biggest purchase we have ever made in our entire life, beside spending another big sum of money on our wedding day.

It was not easy to continue our planning of the oversea trips as both of us felt really low then.

However, being absolutely optimistic that things will turn out well and being a strong believer in having a full experience in our marriage life, I decided to push on our plan.

It was not easy for us but my sense is that if not now, then when?

The right time will never come.

Having been my marriage life for almost 2 years have taught me my fair share of important tips to a happy marriage. It somehow provides some answers to you if you are also searching for tips for a successful marriage.

Here are my 9 important marriage tips:
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Moving On Beyond Wedding. Looking For Baby Prams?

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photo from snorthsullivan

A Man, a Schoolgirl and a Baby

Soon after your wedding, the natural stage to go into is family planning. If you are pregnant, there is another 9 months to prepare yourself and your home for the new addition to your family.

There are a number of things that you should buy in advance which are either necessary or could just make your life easier when you return home after birth.

Just like in a wedidng, you will be spending another big boom preparing for the new arrival of your baby.

I have been looking around for different baby prams.

Some are light and convenient to be brought around while others are heavy and bulky, though sturdy.

If you think that wedding planning is tough and have many things to be done, you have yet to see your to-do lists for your new born.
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How to Tell When a Relationship is Over In 90 Seconds!

What If You Know Your Spouse Is Seeing Someone Else?

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“I’m with someone else…it is not your fault…it is mine…”

How many times have you heard these statements in tv shows exhibting infidelity?

The man and woman move on in their own separate lives, as if nothing happens. Some may attend some marriage counseling and they still move on their lives after a few sessions.

Is everything fine then?

Or is something happening deep inside them and they don’t want anyone to know the emotional turmoil they are feeling inside?
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What Kind of Brides Are You?

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photo from edward olive

Time flies and it is soon the wedding of a very good female friend of mine.

She first announced her wedding in November last year and now, it is already April. And her wedidng is in June.

It is just 2 months from her big day. I was asking her how is her wedding and seemed like there is not much requests from her.

My sense is that possibly she may have her army of conusltants and wedding helpers to assist her.

But then…it may be because of this.
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