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What Kind of Brides Are You?

happy bride
photo from edward olive

Time flies and it is soon the wedding of a very good female friend of mine.

She first announced her wedding in November last year and now, it is already April. And her wedidng is in June.

It is just 2 months from her big day. I was asking her how is her wedding and seemed like there is not much requests from her.

My sense is that possibly she may have her army of conusltants and wedding helpers to assist her.

But then…it may be because of this.

Then again, understanding her personality, it is most probably her daily busyness has got over her.

I know there are few types of brides and these are the main 5 types I have worked with so far.

1. The hyper-anxious bride

Are you the type of bride who worries alot what may go wrong on your big day? Are you doing everything yourself just to make sure things are done and you feel safe eventually? Are your nerve out of control and you are so stressed up planning your wedding?

This kind of bride isn’t just anxious herself. She makes everyone around her anxious and nervous.

anxious bride
photo from 09 traveler

Sometimes things go wrong just becasuse these brides make thinsg go wrong. Most of the times, things will run smoothly when we let it flow.

It is just like a flow of a river. We throw boulders and stones to block the flow and what happens. Water hit the hard surfaces and spill all over the place.

We won’t want our wedding to be spilled everywhere, will we?

2. The everything-I-must do-myself bride

There are some brides who trust only one person in the whole wide world and that is herself. She can’t delegate roles to any one no matter how many helpers she has, be it just 1 or 100.

She just trust herself and she can’t let go.

This kind of bride will get very tired and worn out even before her big day.

tired bride
photo from psalm139 photos’

She gets drained and weary due to all this unnecessary pressure she put on herself.

She made this big rock out of small stones and she just want to carry it herself.

3. The super-slack bride

“Take it easy! Everything will be fine.” But her helpers know that things won’t be fine because it is 3 weeks to her wedding and she has had her wedding inviations sent out.

And she has not even discuss the seating arrangement, go for her last gown-fitting or write her wedding vows.

“Things will be fine”, “leave to god”, “let nature take it course” are common words used by brides of this category.

Sometimes, miraculously, many tasks can be accomplished last minute. But you won’t want to try leaving things till last minute.

It only occurs in 1 out of 1 million weddings.

4. The over-loving bride

Have you come across some brides who care for others more than herself on her big day?

loving bride
photo from Mandey C

I have. On her wedding day, this bride was very concerned over the fact that her helpers were too busy coordinating her wedding. She was always on the look-out if her friends needed help and she was always trying hard to help.

I think she forgot that it her wedding day.

It is ok to let your friend be stressed up while carrying out their duties. It is afterall a major event. And stress is inevitable.

So, if you are planning your wedding right now, learn to handle your wedding stress.

5. The bossy bride

You do know what I am about to say with a mere look of the word “bossy”, don’t you?

bossy bride
photo from tingreen

Yes, some brides run their wedding helpers team like a team of insurance agents, aiming to clinch the MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table Award)

They boss their friends around by not requesting for help, but ordering them and demanding to do as they are told.

Friends are there to help, based on the accord they are good friends of the brides. So why do brides like to boss helpers around?

There is no $100,000 award for the best wedding dinner run. It is afterall a once-in-a-lifetime event and brides should just let the helpers run the show and close two eyes if things go wrong.

So seeing these examples, what kind of bride are you?

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