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An Interview With A Mother

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I want to be a house husband. Yes, I want to be a father.

I plan to make my 5 figures in Internet Marketing and this is good enough for my first baby.


I did an interview with a friend of mine who had just given birth to her baby son.

I want to know exactly how much I must save to prepare for our first child (or even twins. :p )

Below is the Windows Live Messenger Interview:

– { Jhong Ren ?BySea -> says:
want to ask u how much to save for baby delievry?

i love my friends and family says:
do you want to deliver in public hospital or private

– { Jhong Ren ?BySea -> says:
what is your experience?

i love my friends and family says:
for me… i feel that you should save around S$8k at least if you want to give birth in private hospital

the total amount i paid was around S$3 k including the package and hospitalisation

however, i just used epidural and natural birth so, not so expensive

but you know for delivery, you won’t know what is going to happen.. one of my friends chose natural birth but was so painful that she in the end asked for epidural… then after she took that, the doctor said need to have operation .. so, she experienced all the three types of delivery

the bills for her was S$8k

– { Jhong Ren ?BySea -> says:

i love my friends and family says:
so, to pay safe.. S$8k.. but the most ideal one should be S$10 k… just in case as for my child, he was admitted to icu because of jaundice, which caused extra expenditure

– { Jhong Ren ?BySea -> says:
then other expense?

i love my friends and family says:
for milk powder and diapers, it’s around S$$200 per month.. so, no need to save in advance

but the baby cot, pram and clothes would take around another S$$1000

so, to play safe … around S$$11000,,, better have more than have less… as life is not predictable

– { Jhong Ren ?BySea -> says:
so S$10K for hoispital fee, S$200 per month, S$1000 for the immediate needs?

i love my friends and family says:
yes… that’s a very safe plan

and i am a very pessimistic kind of person, i feel that before 5 months of pregnancy, better apply for insurance

– { Jhong Ren ?BySea -> says:
what kind?

i love my friends and family says:
delivery process is something like standing at the edge of life and death… touch wood and choi

– { Jhong Ren ?BySea -> says:
what kind of insurance?

i love my friends and family says:
any kind lar.. like life and hospitalisation

– { Jhong Ren ?BySea -> says:

so how is your new life?

i love my friends and family says:
quite good for the time being..haha..happy to be a mother

oh… yes… another thing to remind you is after delivery, women would have at least 1 week time of pronatal blue

so, must pay attention to your wife’s emotion

– { Jhong Ren ?BySea -> says:
what kind?

i love my friends and family says:
i was so stressed up that i scolded my son once and said, “if you are still so naughty, i am going to throw you out of window…” that’s completely not me coz i love kids…. and from there i know there is soemthing wrong with me that i go and see doctor and got a week of depression medication

anyway, time to feed my son.. if you need anything help in the future with regards to this topic, call me up, ok

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