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Great Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair (Part 1)

By Susan Bishop

Every bride must decide how she will wear her hair. Which can be easier said than done I know.

Besides you?ve been waiting for this day for a long time. So you deserve to look glamorous, don?t you?

Luckily long hair can be styled many ways – from formal to more casual. So when it comes to wedding hairstyles for long hair you?ll find there are many options. Here are four.

Classic Swept Updo

Long Layered Cut

The French Twist

An Elegant Bun

For instance one good style for long hair is the classic swept up do. It can be a stunning hair style that suits almost any face. It will really complement any wedding dress too. Especially the long flowing type. The swept up do also looks great beneath the veil. And don?t forget the look of classic updos are always fashionable and they are real head-turners.
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3 Bridal Hair Styles, 3 Wedding Gowns and 3 Bridesmaids Dresses

This is post on 9 resources on Bridal Hair styles, Wedding Gowns and Bridesmaid dresses that I see from the Yahoo and Google search.

The reason I’m doing this is to point you to the useful resources from the internet. Moreover, I have a couple of friends planning their wedding right now and they have requested me to help them compile materials.

* For more info, you can visit the links to these website.

I’m picking up these wedding references from a guy’s perspective. And hope that these pictures can really benefit you.

A Fast Tip to Note: Remember to make sure the wedding gowns, dresses and hair styles enhance your own style and personality. It should never be the other way round.

So here you go:
3 Bridal Hair Styles Online Resource

bridal hair stylesbridal hair stylesbridal hair styles
from onewed.com

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Long Wedding Hair Style

I was doing some research from the internet to find out what are the various “long wedding hair styles”. There are already some previous posts on bridal hair styles if you are new to my wedding blog.

In fact, I found some but the photos were not really sharp.

Anyway, I have no idea about the names of the different wedding hair styles. And to me, I think these hair styles could be the more compatible ones that Asian brides may find more suitable. (Actually, there are about over 40 photos but they are quite common and that is why I didn’t take them.)

You can visit their website at lvhairdoers.homestead.com

long wedding hair stlye

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Bridal Hairstyle Part 5

As Featured On Ezine Articles

I have difficulty searching for really nice pictures from the internet. As I was browsing through the websites, I was really amazed by how many different kind of hairstyles available for ladies.

My focus here is Asian women as most of my readers are from Asia.

I learnt from my wife that the latest fad is always in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Singapore’s fashion and style lag behind by a season or two.

I am really shocked when crowds of women thronged the shopping floor during sales season, only to realise what they were purchasing are junks that other countries won’t want.

Anyway, ladies still sweep the shops clean while their boyfriends or husbands lined the entrance like part-time security guards for the shops.

Back to hairstyle, I am now convinced that men should take interest into what women like. Not all women, but at least what your girlfriend or wife like.

To understand them one layer deeper, men should also know what they dislikes or love.

I was watching this Chinese drama on TV 8 and it was about the difference between men and women.

It says that “if women understand a man, they can understand all. But not the other way round.”

Women are complex beings with mood swings far more unpredictable than the most fickle weather. What they like may become to what they hate most.

Interestingly, fashion sense changes according to their lifespan and stage growth.

I personally feel that the clothings that women wear, no matter how revealing or fully cladded, must magnify the personality of the wearer many times over. Don’t wear something just because your friends are wearing them.
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Bridal Hairstyle Part 4

As Featured On Ezine Articles

Hair-do is the key essential to a lady’s image. And that is why they spent hundred of dollars every a month or two to give themselves a new look.

I am really fascinated by the different hairstyle I am seeing and how hair styles move and evolve with fashion trends.

In any case, I also realised trends do revert to those of olden days with new add-on ideas.

When a man got married, there must be many embracing of lady’s culture.

Be encouraging when she decided to cut her hair short and have a new look.

Be assuring when she couldn’t fit into a dress she bought many years ago.

Be patient when she was mesmerised by the sales in shops that sell anything from dresses to shoes to jewellery.

When a man and a woman stay together, there bound to be clashed in values, beliefs, practices from the past twenty or thirty years before marriage.

Do give each other space to adjust to the new environment as well as physical space for your wife’s old clothes plus future new clothes.
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