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Bridal Hairstyle Part 5

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I have difficulty searching for really nice pictures from the internet. As I was browsing through the websites, I was really amazed by how many different kind of hairstyles available for ladies.

My focus here is Asian women as most of my readers are from Asia.

I learnt from my wife that the latest fad is always in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Singapore’s fashion and style lag behind by a season or two.

I am really shocked when crowds of women thronged the shopping floor during sales season, only to realise what they were purchasing are junks that other countries won’t want.

Anyway, ladies still sweep the shops clean while their boyfriends or husbands lined the entrance like part-time security guards for the shops.

Back to hairstyle, I am now convinced that men should take interest into what women like. Not all women, but at least what your girlfriend or wife like.

To understand them one layer deeper, men should also know what they dislikes or love.

I was watching this Chinese drama on TV 8 and it was about the difference between men and women.

It says that “if women understand a man, they can understand all. But not the other way round.”

Women are complex beings with mood swings far more unpredictable than the most fickle weather. What they like may become to what they hate most.

Interestingly, fashion sense changes according to their lifespan and stage growth.

I personally feel that the clothings that women wear, no matter how revealing or fully cladded, must magnify the personality of the wearer many times over. Don’t wear something just because your friends are wearing them.

Similarly, for wedding gowns and hairstyles, don’t get them because your dear female friends think it is the latest trend.

I feel the hairstyle and gowns must be able to bring out the bride’s personality.

One tip is to purchase the local bridal magazine and cut out the pictures from there. Look through the pictures and imagine yourself as the bride in the picture.

However, nothing beats having the hair done on you personally or wearing the gowns that you think fit you, the outcome may turns out otherwise.

Here are more bridal hairstyles design for you to view.

bridal hairstyle

from bridesclub.typepad.com

bridal hairstyle

from knotforlife.com

bridal hairstyle

from stylesdowntheaisle.com

bridal hairstyle

from china.org.cn

bridal hairstyle

from aboutabby.com

bridal hairstyle

from onlocationbeauty

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