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How can A Relationship Start?

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Relationship is interestingly funny, in the sense there is hundred and one way to start a relationship.

To have a strong foundation in your after-wedding life, we need to start off from how the relationship is formed in the first place.

A friend was kind enough to share with me that how her brother-in-law started off as her tutor.

Others mentioned they started off when they were in the same faculty in colleges or Universities.

In fact, hostel stays in Universities had allowed infinite opportunities for opposite genders to spark off their romance.

Last year, I attended 9 wedding dinners in all (including solemnisation).

Many of my friends who got married last year started off as acquantainces in hostels. They started to meet in groups for meals in the hostel’s canteens and the group size gradually dwindled to a size of two.

Freedom, lots of it, is available in hostels without mom and dad watching over and this gave them freedom to plan their nights out and return hall late.

In fact, from what I understood the alternate floor stay for different gender was done on purpose for the obvious reason.

Hmmm, what about those who don’t stay in hostels?

Relationship of going-home mates can slowly developed.

After University days, others met their potential spouses in offices, fitness clubs that they have joined, salsa dance clubs and so on.

Meanwhile, those who had been best of friends for very long became an initmate couple when later on they realised they can be more than just buddies.

I have also noticed concerned friends (married or attached) consciously forming group gatherings for friends who are still single. Lately, one of my close friends organised a simple dinner inviting her friends as well as her husband’s friends for a get-to-know each other session.

All are singles.

The competition was really stiff as 3 guys and 1 lady turned up.

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2 Responses to “How can A Relationship Start?”

  1. 1
    ideal wedding portraits Says:

    This is a great tip. I know every woman dreams of getting married. The problem however is how to start dealing with a relationship with someone so it will end up to wedding bells.

    Do you think that all girls have the exact love life that she wants? Is it possible for you to meet and have your first boyfriend and end up marrying the same guy?

    I’ve read a lot of books for women and her soul but I haven’t seen anything that discusses the secret of a successful woman – successful in terms of career and lovelife.

  2. 2
    Jhong Ren Says:

    Hi ideal wedding, i believe there are many success stories of marrying your first love 🙂

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