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Archive for July, 2007

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7 Must-Know Before Confirming Your Bridal Studio!!!

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I have the luxury of knowing the boss of my bridal studio and this makes the difference in terms of treatment from their employees.

I have heard of unfair treatment of “ordinary” clients just because of the lower value of bridal package they have paid.

It is not easy to tolerate this kind of treatment. It is going to make you feel from uneasy to angry to frustrated and eventually to helpless.

Wedding planning is supposed to be fun and things are supposedly to go along as plan. The professional bridal service providers are supposed to be professional enough to give the best customer service to any customer and at least treat them all equally.

These are all the assumptions before wedding planning. This is the kind of image portrayed by bridal magazines and tv commercials.

No one really knows that biasness still exist even between customers and bridal studio staff.

It literally means staff gives different service to different customers they are serving.

There are 7 pointers to take note even before signing on the dotted line:

1. Sales person is not the same as those coordinators who will eventually serve you.
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100 Creative Ways to Cut Wedding Costs

bride and wedding ring

With average wedding costs hovering around $20,000, many newlyweds start their lives together in debt. Fortunately, it doesn?t have to be that way. It is possible to save money and have a great wedding at the same time. Check out these tips for keeping your wedding day focused on celebrating love, not financial ruin.


Every bride wants to look like a million bucks on her wedding day. Very few actually want to spend that much. Here?s how to look great without busting your budget.

Avoid buying a ?wedding? dress: Check out bridesmaid, prom, and department store dresses. You may be able to find a dress that just happens to be white at a fraction of the cost. You?ll do even better if you?re looking for a dress in off-white, champagne, or another color.

Wear someone else?s gown: Ask your mother, grandmother or other family member if she?ll let you wear her dress. She will be honored that you asked, and you can?t get cheaper than free. Remember, though, that you will probably need to have it altered.

Shop sample sales: You can score a designer dress for less if you hit sample sales, especially if you wear a size 8 or something close to it. Sales are usually held during the winter and summer months.

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7 Must-Know Before the Wedding Contract Kills You!!!

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bride on phone

Yesterday I was speaking to one of my good friends who is getting married next year.

She will be signing up for the wedding package in one of the local hotels.

The price per table is currently at about S$800 plus.

I was going through some of the must-do stuffs with her so that she will benefit more from the contract.

These very powerful tips I am going to share with you has saved me at least S$1000 or even more.

I have this belief that hotels are there to eat us, the small consumers and thus, we have to play hard to avoid being bullied in some sense. Anyway, we are paying at least S$20,000 for our wedding banquet.

I’m sure we are already considered very mild in our negotiation compared to some corporate business managers who are so well-trained in their negotiation skills.

I do work with corporate partners before and you should see how sharp their tongues were. They were soft, graceful and gentle in their bargaining skills and the sales person attending to them had no choice but to say yes to every one of their requests.

And they always send in the Miss Pretty and Mr Handsome to do the negotiation so that they can use their physical appearance to break the wall.

Alright, let me do a quick summary of what I had told her so that you can benefit as well:

7 Must-Know Before You Sign the Wedding Contract

1. Whatever agreed terms that are not in the contract, please request the hotel staff attending to you to write them in the contract and counter sign.

Turn-over rate in hotel staff is high and is common to have a different coordinator attending to you after a few months have passed. I have mine changed 3 times.

Thus to avoid yourself getting into a difficulty spot to explain again, get the current hotel coordinator to counter-sign so that there will be no question ask in the future.

2. Verbally clarify any issue that you are unclear.

Don’t assume as it is. Contract is one funny piece of paper where the power of English comes into play. And only those who know the game can win.

The words may appear as they are but can have another definition, according to the hotels.

For example, if the contract states “day rental of helper’s room”, don’t assume that their day is 24 hours or as in 1 whole day. Check with them what the hotel means.
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Easy to prepare…Simple Healthy Food

peranakan dessert

Ondeh Ondeh

Ondeh Ondeh is a Peranakan dessert. It is easy to prepare and has valuable appetizing nutrients.

The main ingredient of Ondeh Ondeh is sweet potato. Sweet Potato is a complex carbohydrate food source and has a low glycemic index, which means it will give you energy for a longer period of time. It is an excellent source of vitamin A (in the form of beta-carotene), and a good source of vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium, iron, copper and dietary fiber. In other words, the sweet potato is ideal for health-conscious food consumer, and though sweet and delicious it is not fattening.

Being a health conscious person myself, I would like to share this recipe with you. It is a real natural food with nothing artificial in it. I have modified it to have more sweet potato and using raw sugar. There is no need to measure anything, this is a lazy man?s recipe. Try it ? I am sure you will like it.

-1 kg sweet potatoes (do not buy the very soft type of sweet potato, check with the seller if you are not sure what this means)
– Pandan juice (optional)
– Tapioca flour
– A small packet of raw sugar.
– Half fruit of grated coconut (deskin)
? add a quarter teaspoon of salt and mix with coconut

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