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100 Creative Ways to Cut Wedding Costs

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With average wedding costs hovering around $20,000, many newlyweds start their lives together in debt. Fortunately, it doesn?t have to be that way. It is possible to save money and have a great wedding at the same time. Check out these tips for keeping your wedding day focused on celebrating love, not financial ruin.


Every bride wants to look like a million bucks on her wedding day. Very few actually want to spend that much. Here?s how to look great without busting your budget.

Avoid buying a ?wedding? dress: Check out bridesmaid, prom, and department store dresses. You may be able to find a dress that just happens to be white at a fraction of the cost. You?ll do even better if you?re looking for a dress in off-white, champagne, or another color.

Wear someone else?s gown: Ask your mother, grandmother or other family member if she?ll let you wear her dress. She will be honored that you asked, and you can?t get cheaper than free. Remember, though, that you will probably need to have it altered.

Shop sample sales: You can score a designer dress for less if you hit sample sales, especially if you wear a size 8 or something close to it. Sales are usually held during the winter and summer months.

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