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Archive for July, 2007

7 Must-Know for Wedding Make-Up

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wedding make up

For Asian brides, it has been quite different when it comes to the make-up on their faces.

Even though my advice is to know yourself and what type of make-up suits you most, the make-up artist you are engaging either make or break you.

Of course, assuming all is well and the make-up artists know their stuffs, brides just need to know abit more to radiate their glow wider.

The bride is still the main focus after all!!!

Let’s recall what I shared with you when my wife met up with the make-up artist on the day of our photoshoot.

You will need to:
1. Cut out some pictures of your preferred styles from wedding magazines
2. Get about 5 to 10 pictures.
3. Be open to new ideas the make-up artist have for you
4. Work with the make-up artist on how you can be in your best

I think make-up is really proportional to the personality of the bride.
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5 Ways to Test Him Before Your Wedding Day

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wedding day

Yesterday, I had a dinner gathering with my best of friends and one of my friends’ sister will be getting married really soon.

It will be about 2 months before their big wedding day.

They have bought an apartment in the extreme west side of Singapore and the place is currently undergoing its renovation.

However, this is not the point.

My friend mentioned to me that his future brother-in-law had in fact told his future wife to quit her job.

And he didn’t even say “Hi” to the family members who answered his call to my friend’s house. He just bluntly asked for his wife and hanged up if she was not available.

Hmm, it is very interesting observation before their wedding. I know of how some people change their attitude towards the in-laws and their families only after their wedding day but not before.

The two issues that we could discuss here are about how some men behaves before their wedding days:
1. Asking his wife to quit the job
2. Being respectful to soon-to-be spouse’s family members
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Wedding Taboos Part 8: Spare Not the Widows

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one mother and one child

It is never fair for women especially if thier husbands passed away at the prime of their lives.

Who is to be blamed?

Not the husband of course. The women will be blamed for be ill-fated and bring bad luck to their husbands.

Brides are advised not to get too near to widows for fear they may encounter the same fate as these widows.

Remeber I mentioned that widows are banned from going into the newly-wed room so as not to pass on the negative “Qi” or energy to the newly-wed.
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Do you know Our Mission?

reaching out to the world

Our Mission is to reach out to 1,000,000 Wedding Couples to help them make their wedding-planning easier and to make their marriages work!!!

Wedding Taboos Part 7: No One Night Stand

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One night stand has been really common among our society. Even teenagers as young as nine years old do know what it really means and you may be surprised that some teenagers tell you that it is an “in” thing nowadays to sleep around.

looking at girl

Some teenagers as young as thirteen stay overnight in their boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s place once in a while.

Or sometimes more than thrice a week.

I know of a young lady who had been sleeping over in her boyfriend’s place ever since she was 13.

Of course, such acts are frowned upon by the previous generation. However, it is getting more and more common among students nowadays.

Thus, cohabitation among young adults are not the “worse” you have heard of.

I have a friend whose boyfriend has been staying in her house and they are not married yet.

Now if you ask a lady if she feels shameful of having sleeps in someone’s else home before married, she will have asked you “which century are you living in?”
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