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Archive for June, 2007

5 Biggest Problems For a Wedding Couple

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After the proposal is done, what is next?

wedding couple

There seem to be an endless things to be done but wedding couples who are completely new to this committment can be absolutely clueless of what to do even for the next step.

So it sounds like not everybody knows what actually is “wedding planning”.

Putting physical tasks such as looking for the right hotel, the right venue for their honeymoon and the right bridal studio, many are unaware that there are even more challenging tasks coming towards them.

I remembered these are the 5 Biggest Problems for Me while preparing for my wedding.

1. “Money is never enough”
Lots of money is required for my wedding. The expense list can be as long as a few metres long. I need to pay for the wedding package we got from the bridal studio, the deposit for our wedding dinner, the renovation of our bedroom. Money saved for the past few years was completely used up in a few months.

Money that was saved at the beginning of each month would be withdrawn by the end of every month.

Kudos to the many wedding couples who spent years of saving up together for their mega wedding project. I had learnt from a few friends who spent 5 years saving up every single cent that they could for their weddings.

Other wedding couples who were lucky to have the “sponsorship” from parents may not understand what I meant or the times I went through. I had some friends whose parents deposited over S$50,000 into their bank accounts and told them to make their weddings really grand.

Even though at first it may be seen as a windfall, such couples lose the opportunity of learning to save together and to plan their finance.

2. “Whether they found the right one?”
For me, I was very sure my wife is the right person I want to marry.

This concern was shared by my female friends as most wondered if they could have found a better one or if their soon-to-be husbands were the right people for them.

I believed such concerns were common and normal for ladies as they are putting their future into someone’s else hands. And there is no turning back.
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3 New Benefits For You from My Wedding Blog

Dear Readers,

After consolidating feedbacks from the readers for the past half a year, I have finally able to add an “Other Resource” title under the left sidebar of my blog.

This new title is going to benefit all of you, be it the soon-to-be wed or newly wed because it touches on some of these more improtant wedding-related topics:

– wedding favors,
– wedding songs,
– relationship advice for couples.

At the left sidebar, do scroll all the way down and look out for this Other Resources.

Feel free to download the 15 or more wedding-related documents (worth about US$15 per document) for your own use or send them to friends.

They are all free for download.

Do download them now because I will be removing the links very soon.

5 Ways to Understand Your Spouse’s Uniqueness

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We are not the same and yet, we are just a bunch of selfish bunch of people only wanting to change others and never ourselves.

Who is brave enough to admit that you are selfless and you have never thought of wanting to change your spouse to someone ideal?

I’m very human afterall and I dare to say I make these mistakes all the time. Many times, I have to constantly remind myself neither my spouse or me is perfect. This is to make my marriage happy.

Tell me who is? Are you?

Making mistakes is common among couples be it married or not. Even couples who are married for tens of years do honestly tell you that they have made many stupid mistakes in the past and that is why they are so happy right now.

wedding couple

It may be really contradictory and weird but it is the fact. Happily married couples do not always stay happy all the times. They have as much ups and downs just like any couple.

The secret is this. This works all the time and it is determined by how open you want to know it. Even if I tell you this, you have to prove to me that you are willing to use it. Use it not just once but all the times and use it everyday.

So now let me reveal the 5 ways you can learn right now to better understand your spouse.
1. Don’t attempt to change your spouse at all if you are not willing to change yourself. I’m sure during certain times, you have some sense that certain patterns of your life do not work well for you and your relationship.

And many times, we just know it but we are just not willing to change. We always take the easy way out and shift the blame from “I” to “spouse”.
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Part 2: 4 Wedding Items to Get for Your Wedding

Singapore’s wedding favors are really dull and the common ones that you see are either pastries or bears with keychains.

I wonder how many years have the hotels been using them. I remembered the styles of the wedding favors have not really changed in the Singapore’s wedding arena.

Even if wedding couples don’t like them, they have no choice but to keep within their budget and choose the least worst out of the choices hotels give.

I have been browsing through reputable websites such Amazon.com and found some really interesting wedding favors. You know as well as I know is that the first thing guests see on their tables are the wedding favors and the quality and uniqueness of it set the mood they have for the rest of the wedding night.

Interestingly, guests such as relatives and real friends do not judge the quality of your wedding. They really want to bring their blessings.

These are some wedding favors I got and hope they can give you a better idea of what kind of the wedding favors to get for your perfect wedding.

wedding favor
Heart Mirror with tiny Rhinestones Wedding Favor

wedding favor
Wedding Rubber Ducky

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2 New Features of My Wedding Blog

It is Friday again and the weekend is just a few hours away.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support these past 8 months since the birth of My Wedding Blog.

thank you
from alissafast.typepad.com

It can be really very interesting how friendship is formed between me and you as the readers. Many of you have exchange emails with me telling me how wonderful and smooth your wedding is and have even sent me your wedding photos.

Joint partnership has been formed too when My Wedding Blog becomes a gateway to some brides who have their very own online stores selling wedding items.

I want to support brides and grooms who have their own online businesses.

If you want me to link your blog or site from My Wedding Blog, do email me at jhongren@[Remove This]romance-fire.com or contact me at the “contact me page”.

I have just added two new features after hearing from all 300 of “My Wedding Blog” members and the majority of you want a portal which can exchange views and information. Thus, I created a wedding forum.

=> Wedding Forum

In addition, I have created a Top-Seller list of what other readers are buying. It gives a good indication of what?s hot at any given point of time.

By the way – when you make a purchase at Amazon after clicking on one of these links we get a small commission that helps us to improve Romance-Fire (design improvements, running competitions and even paying or giving a gift to the occasional guest author). We appreciate your support in this way.