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Part 2: 4 Wedding Items to Get for Your Wedding

Singapore’s wedding favors are really dull and the common ones that you see are either pastries or bears with keychains.

I wonder how many years have the hotels been using them. I remembered the styles of the wedding favors have not really changed in the Singapore’s wedding arena.

Even if wedding couples don’t like them, they have no choice but to keep within their budget and choose the least worst out of the choices hotels give.

I have been browsing through reputable websites such Amazon.com and found some really interesting wedding favors. You know as well as I know is that the first thing guests see on their tables are the wedding favors and the quality and uniqueness of it set the mood they have for the rest of the wedding night.

Interestingly, guests such as relatives and real friends do not judge the quality of your wedding. They really want to bring their blessings.

These are some wedding favors I got and hope they can give you a better idea of what kind of the wedding favors to get for your perfect wedding.

wedding favor
Heart Mirror with tiny Rhinestones Wedding Favor

wedding favor
Wedding Rubber Ducky

wedding favor
Vere 75% Single Varietal Dark Chocolate Bars, (5) 14g Boxes

wedding favor
Small Piggy Bank – Bride – 1 bank per package

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One Response to “Part 2: 4 Wedding Items to Get for Your Wedding”

  1. 1
    Lis Says:

    That’s very important view you brought up here, JR.

    Presently I am working with 2 brides, locally and across the shores, on the customised wedding favors and wedding cards.

    Interestingly, I noticed a significant heightened awareness and demand for uniquely customised wedding favors. One of the brides whom I checked with her budget first, revealed that wedding cards and favors are her priority above other wedding costs.

    It’s no longer the case that the couple do not care about how their guests feel about the favors, they are going a step further to convenience and impress their guests. It’s about what the couple is giving.

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