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12 Never Been Told Secrets Of Wedding Magazines

Wedding Secrets
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Soon-to-be Brides often anticipate their wedding day to be nothing short of a fairytale. Visions of flowing gowns, the perfect setting, and all their family and friends congregating together on their big day can, at times, cloud their perception of possible trouble ahead.

Bridal magazines don?t help in this, either. Many magazines focus their attention on ideas for themes or dishes to serve at the wedding and don?t offer the brides any warning about common wedding mishaps. Then, when a bride discovers an already looming mishap and becomes understandably upset, she runs the risk of being titled a ?Bridezilla.?
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Wedding Items to Get for Your Wedding – Part 1

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Do you know what to get for your wedding? I’m sure you may be already overwhelmed by the endless list of wedding items you need to get them, not forgetting you still have an endless list of things to do.

love droplets
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As for me, I even forgot about getting my Ang Pow Box till the week before my wedding. There are just too many things on my mind.

I will be doing a few posts on the wedding items wedding couples need to get or make.

Yes, some wedding couples I know make their very own wedding items.

For me, I had to learnt what are the things to do-it-yourself or buy. If you are talking about the wedding items in large quantity, please spend some money to get them. Imagine having already spent a few thousands of dollars on your honey moon trip, wedding gows and photohsoot, what is another tens of dollars for a nicer wedding item say wedding favors or an ang pow box and the ring pillow?

Here are first 5 items you need for your wedding:

Flower basket:
Do you have flower girls to sprinkle rose petals as you are walking down the aisle with your dear one? These flower girls need a flower basket to put their flowers. I know some brides actually knitted the baskets themselves. Yes, you can do it only if you have time.

Just in case you do not know what a corsage is, it is a flower accessory tied around the wrist of bridesmaids during wedding. Please get corsages that suit your wedding theme and let your bridesmaids know the color theme too. A color contrast of the flowers and the dresses could make the bridesmaids feel awkward.
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Wedding Photographers

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I think there is no escape from the chore of choosing a wedding photographer.

Before my wedding, I dreaded meeting new people. I can’t imagine talking and negotiating with new faces I have never met before and pretending to be friendly towards them.

In society, we wear different faces. You may be a loud person who needs to network with strangers due to your work nature. Maybe you are a Public Relation Officer. However, you may eb a quiet and reserved person when you are alone.

During my wedding preparation last year, I think I have broken my own record of times I negotiated. I had to talk to differen wedding service providers ranging from employers of bridal studios, banquet managers to photographers.

Personally, I think part of me also like to make new friends and thus, it is not 100% torturing.

When selecting a wedding photographer, it is important that you need to personally talk to the photographer.

Lately, I had this email from a bride who almost fainted when the photographer-cum-hubby’s friend over pormised and under delivered. Initially due to tight budget, this bride made do with a semi-professional photographer whom her hubby recommended.
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Choosing Wedding Photographers

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When choosing photographer, it is important to know some of the better ones through word of mouths. It is only when you can get first hand feedback from your friend or whoever recommend from.

Even if there is any that is not recommended, ask why so that you can take note of common pitfalls.

I remembered my wife contacted this photographer who had a fantatsic web site with wonderful work pieces featured. However, the photographer was very quiet when my wife met him to look at his work. He admit that he was still very new and still shy at times.

My wife thanked him for his honesty and gave him some suggestions to improve on his sales technique.

There were many times that my wife had to cold call at least thirty photographers ranging from freelance to professional.

December 2006 was a hot period and many better photographers were booked. To avoid having no more contact to call, my wife asked for recommendations from the previous photographer.
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Wedding Entertainment

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Wedding dinner has always been so routine and we kind of expect what will definitely happen at a typical wedding dinner.

No doubt, we are there to give our blessings to the wedding couples, it could be really very boring at times especially you have to sit with strangers you may not have seen before.

Dishes were dished out one after the other and we just ate and ate, avoiding conversation.

Even if relatives do get to sit together and their bond is not close, the few hours could be one of the longest in their lives.

That is why allocation of guests to every table is important and this will determine if the guests really enjoy themselves.

wedding violin

A typical wedding dinner goes like this:
1. Cock-tail reception
2. Wedding 1st March-in
3. Presentation of 1st dish
4. Showing of 1st video of wedding couples’ childhood photos
5. Wedding 2nd March-in
6. Cake-cutting and champagne pouring
7. Showing of 2nd video of wedding couples’ courtship days

I managed to type the list out in less than a minute and it only shows the many weddings that I have attended are mostly the same.

The only wedding dinner that I have enjoyed most was that of my cousin’s. There was songs being sung by live singers throughout the wedding dinner.

The guests were so hyped out that they were waving hands in the air when the singers sung. It was just like a concert.

Other wedding entertainment that I could think of is playing of wedding music by a group of musicians.

And while surfing the net, I happened to find this group of musicians who call themselves “Grace Notes”
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