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Wedding Items to Get for Your Wedding – Part 1

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Do you know what to get for your wedding? I’m sure you may be already overwhelmed by the endless list of wedding items you need to get them, not forgetting you still have an endless list of things to do.

love droplets
from lovedroplets.com

As for me, I even forgot about getting my Ang Pow Box till the week before my wedding. There are just too many things on my mind.

I will be doing a few posts on the wedding items wedding couples need to get or make.

Yes, some wedding couples I know make their very own wedding items.

For me, I had to learnt what are the things to do-it-yourself or buy. If you are talking about the wedding items in large quantity, please spend some money to get them. Imagine having already spent a few thousands of dollars on your honey moon trip, wedding gows and photohsoot, what is another tens of dollars for a nicer wedding item say wedding favors or an ang pow box and the ring pillow?

Here are first 5 items you need for your wedding:

Flower basket:
Do you have flower girls to sprinkle rose petals as you are walking down the aisle with your dear one? These flower girls need a flower basket to put their flowers. I know some brides actually knitted the baskets themselves. Yes, you can do it only if you have time.

Just in case you do not know what a corsage is, it is a flower accessory tied around the wrist of bridesmaids during wedding. Please get corsages that suit your wedding theme and let your bridesmaids know the color theme too. A color contrast of the flowers and the dresses could make the bridesmaids feel awkward.

Ang Pow Box:
An Ang Pow Box is a box to contain the many red packets that friends and relatives will be giving just before the wedding dinner. I intended to make my very own Ang Pow Box for my wedding but I realised I didn’t have time.

My colleague was very kind to do one for me but it ended up to be quite nice. Another colleague lent me hers and it had a nice ribboon on top of the box.

I think things to note for an Ang Pow Box is that it must be big enough to contain all the red packets. And it must be taken care by someone who is very responsible and realiable.

I heard of a case when a bridesmaid forgot all about the box and left. It was stolen with about S$30,000 of cash in it!

Wedding Favors:
Wedding favors are small gifts given as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude to guests from the bride and groom during a wedding ceremony or a wedding reception.

There are favors that are readily available by the hotel or those that you want to be customised. You may even want dates and both of your names to be on your wedding favors so that guests can rememember this very special day.

Again for me, I look at whether the favor is useful for the guests. Mine were a magnetic picture frame and a wine charm. Things I feel that my guests could use when they got back home.

I know some wedding favors were in the forms of cakes or pastries and many were left uncollected after the wedding dinner. Perishable food items could go to waste.

Ring Pillows:
I got this quote from wikipedia.com

“Wedding rings, continuous with no beginning and no end, symbolised eternal love to the Romans and Egyptians who used precious stones as well as silver and gold and were carried on a cushion. Hence the ring cushion (ring bearer pillow). The Page boy or Chief Bridesmaid would carry the cushion up the aisle to the Best Man who will place the rings on the cushion ready for the minister to bless.”

Mostly ring pillows come together with the rings you have purchased. Alternatively, if you don’t like their design, you can get one from an online vendor such as lovedroplets.com to suit your wedding theme.

Please bear in mind that Romance-Fire has no affiliation with this company, and we cannot vouch for or bear responsibility for quality of products or services provided.

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