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After Wedding Daily Routine

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It was definitely a sigh of relief after the wedding dinner. A year or more of wedding planning certainly was no joke.

As much as we found it really enjoyable and stressful at the same time, we also realised it was the beginning of another long journey for us.

But who cares at that point in time. “Let’s go for our honeymoon first” say most couples.

It was a time to relax and reward yourselves for a mega project completed.

There are some routines that some husbands and wives share with me.

walk with wife
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A colleague of mine shared with me that she and husband will go for daily walk after their dinner without fail.

We are doing our best to go for walks at night too to find out more about each other’s daily lives. And of course, it is a good chance for us to grumble and let out our negative energy.

Another friend of mine who was newly wed for a few months made it a point to go travelling once a year. Even though travelling can be quite common for locals, making the trips to become a yearly “honeymoon” certainly make those trips more meaningful.

This year, we went to Vietnam, Ho Chin Minh and next year perhaps to Cambodia, Laos and North Korea. How exciting!!!

A good friend of mine plans a yearly joint activity with his wife, be it cooking, dancing or jogging. On alternate year, they will do something that each of them enjoys. One year, he accompanied his wife to a flower-decor class.

I remembered I attended Hatha Yoga class with my wife last year and I was the only guy in the class beside the teacher. It was completely uncomfortable at first but I was doing it for my wife. This year, I attended Pilate. Not too bad as there was one more guy.

If you find going for long classes can be quite inconvenient to your work, you may want to delegate a day to be work-free.

This day is meant to be both you and your spouse to be together. It doesn’t matter if both of you take your dinner at a posh restuarant or by the road chomping sandwiches.

There are many things to do such as going for a slow stroll in the city area, sitting by the river or people-watching. Two hours or more will suffice.

Again, I would like to stress that it is the quality, not quantity.

Planning a routine is easy. Execution of it is the challenging part. It takes lots of discipline to carry out what you have planned with your spouse.

A common excuse to postpone these committments is “no time” or “because of work”.

Working no doubt is important, but your spouse is more important than work unless work is your spouse.

Thus, if you are guilty of spending more time at work rather than at home, you may want to consider planning a routine with your spouse.

In summary, these are the 3 routines you may want to plan with your spouse.
1. Daily routine such as a good chat before sleep
2. Weekly routine such as having dinner together
3. Yearly routine such as taking class together or going on a trip

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