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Top 5 Cheap Wedding Favor Ideas

bridesmaid wedding favors
photo from kir

Getting ready for your wedding means having all the small details in place well before the time and one of those small items that must not be forgotten is the wedding favors for your guests. Cheap wedding favors ideas are what everyone asks for as the guests list is usually quite large, so here are a 5 great tips on how you can cut your costs.
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9 Quality Wedding Table Decorations You Must Get

If you are planning your wedding right now and is so overwhelmed by the vast wedding decorations ideas in the internet, you should stop right now and take a breather.

I know it is not easy. When I was planning my wedding, I have been looking for a one-stop website which offers everything you need and allows you to buy everything in bulk and move on to your next phase of wedding planning.

Beau-coup.com, a wedding favor site offers such a service in her online store and you should visit their site to view the massive selections they have.

These lovely wedding decorations ideas are designed to be functional as well as pleasant to the eyes. I really love their colors, you know.

Here are 9 wedding table decoration ideas you should know before you embark on your searching journey.

1. Personalised Wedding Cameras

Personalised Wedding Cameras

Do your guests a big favor and give them a mean to bring the beautiful memories back home. Offer them these personalised wedding cameras to capture the beautiful moments with you and other guests.

They look great as wedding table decorations and some are even personalised to add on to that personal touch which make your guests feel at home.
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Sunglasses As A Wedding Favors?

wedding sunglasses
photo from dogfaceboy

Have you ever considered having a beach wedding? And the whole wedding will understandly be revolving around the beach wedding theme.

There are a few things to note here. One of them is for the convenience and comfort of your guests.

You may want to consider providing sunglasses for your guests, especially if it is a really hot weather.

I can really visualise all your guests are given designer sunglasses as wedding favors. You can consider this option if you have a lot of budget set aside to create a memorable experience for your guests and of course making them really happy.
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27 Stunning Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are always nice to look at and keep us souvenirs. I have attended 9 weddings last year alone and I have added some very beautiful and stylish ones into my wedding favors, including the ones I used for my own wedding.

I am regularly hunting for stylish website offering extraordinary wedding favors offered at extraordinary affordable rates and it is time to reveal to you one of my favourite wedding favors sites – Beau-coup.com

Beau-coup.com wedding favors

In this post, I present the really stunning wedding favors in terms of beach wedding themes, heart shape favors and garden wedding themes.

I know you will love them as much as I do. You can get them from their wedding favors site.

Beach wedding theme:
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3 Ideas On Wedding Favors You Can Get!

personalized bridesmaid frame

Choosing the right wedding favors depends on your wedding theme.

You got to choose the right one to suit your ambience and wedding environment. Somehow, though the favors are small in size, they do affect the whole feel of your wedding at least at the subtle level.

There are many wedding favors to choose from and the traditional ones include chocolate, candies and candles.

Now, there are much more than these traditional choices.

In fact there are hundred or even thousands to choose from from general ones to customised ones to even personalised ones with your wedding photos or names.

1. Bridal Shower Favors

Bridal shower favors can be fun, but they definitely aren’t mandatory. A great way to incorporate favors into the shower is to use them as part of a theme.

If the bride is planning a flower-themed wedding, you could hint at this by giving away honey pot favors to represent the bees to the honey from the flowers. A spa themed shower will be fun to have spa-related favors.

wedding honey pot with heart shaped dipper
wedding honey pot with heart shaped dipper

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