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3 Ideas On Wedding Favors You Can Get!

personalized bridesmaid frame

Choosing the right wedding favors depends on your wedding theme.

You got to choose the right one to suit your ambience and wedding environment. Somehow, though the favors are small in size, they do affect the whole feel of your wedding at least at the subtle level.

There are many wedding favors to choose from and the traditional ones include chocolate, candies and candles.

Now, there are much more than these traditional choices.

In fact there are hundred or even thousands to choose from from general ones to customised ones to even personalised ones with your wedding photos or names.

1. Bridal Shower Favors

Bridal shower favors can be fun, but they definitely aren’t mandatory. A great way to incorporate favors into the shower is to use them as part of a theme.

If the bride is planning a flower-themed wedding, you could hint at this by giving away honey pot favors to represent the bees to the honey from the flowers. A spa themed shower will be fun to have spa-related favors.

wedding honey pot with heart shaped dipper
wedding honey pot with heart shaped dipper

2. Wedding Favors

The wedding favors you chose should reflect your personal style and taste and complement your wedding theme. Personally, it would be good to choose favors which guests will like or use.

They can be favors which are edible or practical.

Edible favors can include cookies and candies.

Red Hearts Wedding Candy
Red Hearts Wedding Candy

Practical favors can be coasters or paper weight.

Snowflake Glass Coasters per set of 4
Snowflake Glass Coasters per set of 4

3. Personalized Wedding Favors

For the bride and groom, there is another more unique way of adding a personal touch to your wedding. You can convey your personality, individuality and sense of style.

Such personalized wedding favors, in my opinion, do make the most lasting impression on guests and normally guests will keep the favors for a long time.

One example can be love story note which you may want to add your wedding photo as the cover or a personalised wedding album.

Personalized Love Story Notes
Personalized Love Story Notes

Personalized Instant Photo Guest Books
Personalized Instant Photo Guest Books

These are just some examples of favors that you can consider for your wedding. Hopefully this summary of unique and interesting products could make your selection much easier! Of course, the best way is to visit online wedding favors site such as beau-coup.com

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