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5 Tips When Choosing Celtic Wedding Rings

Celtic Wedding Rings

Do you know the significance of celtic wedding rings? They are of continous design with no beginning or end.

It is in fact an Irish jewelry and it has the traditional Celtic symbolism and couples chooses such wedding rings to show their committment and love towards each other.

When it comes to the meaning of love, the ring symbolises eternal love and the marriage lasts for eternality.

If you are thinking of choosing Celtic wedding rings for your wedding, here are 5 tips you must know:

1. Choice of metal

There are 4 types of metal and they are silver, white gold, gold and platinum. Again, there is a combination of different metal and they are many types of patterns available.

Choosing a ring that is made of durable material is especially important for the groom’s ring and platinum is an ideal choice. They are more likely to damage their ring whilst working.

2. Size

When choosing celtic wedding bands, bear in mind it has to be half a size bigger than the rings you normally wear. The best way is to be present while trying on the wedding rings.

3. Design

Design should be continous and not broken. When making a celtic wedding ring, it has to be of specific width. Sometimes, it is really tough to have the prefered design and the appropriate ring size.

Traditionally, couples choose matching wedding rings. There is a variety of color, pattern and designs and it is normal that couples nowadays choose different wedding rings for different partner.

4. Price

Beautiful cletic wedding rings are not very expensive. There is a wide selection available for different budget. Remember don’t overspend or buy on impulse. Set aside a certain budget for your wedding bands.

5. When should you buy?

Give yourself a couple of months to choose the rings and have them adjusted. You do not want to be choosing just a few weeks before your wedding. Choosing the right one can take quite some time and a number of visits to the jeweler. So be patient.

A final thought:

Buying of wedding rings is just part of the wedding planning and wedding is just the beginning of a new transition into marriage. Do remember to stick to your budget such that you do not stress yourself in your finances in your marriage life.

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