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Gift Cards for Your Wedding Helpers?

After a year of wedding planning and when finally everything is over, it is time to thank your wedding helpers.

Without them, your wedding won’t be as successful as it had been.

Your friends have helped you so much and a mere word of “thank you” is never enough.

You will be going on a holiday for your honey-moon.

What about getting your wedding helpers gift cards to thank them?

I’m sure they will love them. Do you know that you can get gift cards online too?

I think it has been quite a norm to get physical thank-you gifts to thank a person. We are all used to that. However, we shouldn’t forget that we are entering the IT age.

It is an era when we can get almost everything online, including thank-you gifts and holiday gifts.

In the past, we get physical cards. Now, we can get gift cards online.

Having this thought in mind, I have a perfect way of surprising your friend.

Go on your holiday. And log into any online shop that sell shopping gift cards and purchase them and have them delivered to your friends.

I’m sure your friends will be both surprised and delighted to receive this wonderful gift from you.
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Wedding Write Stuff

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Would you want to get a like-any-other wedding invitation cards or a customised one?

Hotels normally have the common designs for their in-house guests and if you will be one when you signed up their wedding package.

Some wedding couples may not like their designs as they are too common for their grand affairs.

They want something that people talk about. They want something that project their personality. They want something that is like them.

Depending on the design, technique to make the card, the expertise of the professional printing it and the number of invitation cards you are printing, cost may differ.

It may start around $10.

Do stay within your budget even if the wedding card you want costs more and you want it badly.

Although wedding invitation cards set the tone of your wedding, making it even more perfect, the value of keeping your wedding expenses within limit is priceless.

Many wedding couples ran into credit card debts because they wanted to give their wedding the best of everything and this is an excellent excuse to splurge on whatever they can get their hands on.

There are 3 types of customised wedding invitations:
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Wedding DIY Wedding Cards

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I have asked my friend who wanted to make her wedding into a special one.

She wants to DIY her wedding invitation cards.

As much as she wanted to, she has no time. She had to work from morning to night and by the time, she reaches home, she is totally exhausted.

But she still wanted to. But she is not doing anything about. Work and wedding planning had sapped almost all her energy away.

How many of us were like her when we were planning our wedding?

Wanting to do alot but having little energy and time, there is little we can do.

In fact, the very common items we can DIY are wedding inivtation cards, wedding corsages, wedding favors.

The list can go on. You can eevn sew your own wedding gown if you want to. Some brides even ask their friends to help decorate the wedding dinner venue, bringing in their flower stands with fresh flowers.

I guess wedding should be as simple as possible. Less to coordinate even though there are endless stuff to finalise.

I remembered I had another friend who DIY her wedding invitation cards?but she printed from her home printer and folded them into a card.

Some wedding couples treated their cards like a unique art-work and every card is different.

Below are some cards you may want to start off with.

wedding invitation cards
from purelyhandmade.co.uk

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Delivering Wedding Cards

Sending invitation cards sounds easy….i hand the cards over to the receiver, remind him of the timing and invite him to my wedding…

sounds easy?

what if the receiver is of a older generation and starts asking who else can he invite? and he wants another 1 to 2 tables for his friends. what will you do?

to add on: to push away the idea, the parent reminded that person that the groom’s father had long passed away and it is not necessary to invite that group of guests.

hmmm…what if this statement is said in front of the groom?…not one time…not twice…

but a total of 6 times in a time span of 2 hours…

and i’m the groom.

… … … (silence, my mind is blank, what should I say? what should I reply? Or should I have said anything at all?…)

delievering the wedding invitation cards has been a torturous experience…at least to my soul and mind…i don’t know if i should smile or cry when reminded that my father is not around…

once said is enough…

but …
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Sending out our Wedding Invitation cards

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1 more month to our wedding…we are busy preparing the wedding invitation cards.

There are a few things you need:

1. The guest’s name and surname (if applicable)

2. The guest’s mailing address (if you are not passing to him/ her personally by hand)

3. A pen to write the names on the inserts

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