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Would you want to get a like-any-other wedding invitation cards or a customised one?

Hotels normally have the common designs for their in-house guests and if you will be one when you signed up their wedding package.

Some wedding couples may not like their designs as they are too common for their grand affairs.

They want something that people talk about. They want something that project their personality. They want something that is like them.

Depending on the design, technique to make the card, the expertise of the professional printing it and the number of invitation cards you are printing, cost may differ.

It may start around $10.

Do stay within your budget even if the wedding card you want costs more and you want it badly.

Although wedding invitation cards set the tone of your wedding, making it even more perfect, the value of keeping your wedding expenses within limit is priceless.

Many wedding couples ran into credit card debts because they wanted to give their wedding the best of everything and this is an excellent excuse to splurge on whatever they can get their hands on.

There are 3 types of customised wedding invitations:

1. Those that come in normal printing but their designs are cleverer and more creative.

2. The others have 3D effects, special die-cut styles.

3. Others are made on fabrics.

Spending more doesn’t necessarily mean the quality of the cards is higher.

I have received simple cards which are creative and delicate too.

There are a few ways that you give your simple card a good make-over.

You can wrapped in fabric such as lace or satin. You can paste flower petals on the outside. Be really creative and do the outside differently.

Here are some ideas to chew on:

wedding invitation card

from helloyoshi.com

wedding invitation card

from wedding-favours.com

wedding invitation card

from icatchingcards.com

wedding invitation card

from wedding-favours.com

wedding invitation card

from laserproi.com

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