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Everyday is Like a Wedding Day

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Some couples only remember to celebrate during their birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other important occasions.

What if they treat everyday just like a wedding day?

I would love to and I’m doing my best to follow this routine. There is no need any special occasion, and that is why I buy my wife a bouquet of flowers once a month to surprise her.

Even if she wanted a reason, I would say it is a prize for her for working so hard everyday.

Everyday, we ask about how each other’s day went. We are interested to hear what has happened throughout the whole day.

No filtering. No screening. We wanted to hear both the good and bad.

We make an effort to show interest in each other’s likings.

For example, my wife, just like any woman, likes to go shopping. There are times when the shop has no man inside and it made me feel uncomfortable most of the times. Now, I’m used to it because I want to share with her my opinion on the dresses or shoes she chooses and she values my comments.

When she was unwell, I will give her a call to check on her. When I finished a presentation, she would give me a call to check how it went.

There are alot of times we can just do simple things to show that the other party really matter on us.

I remembered a friend once told me that her husband splurged on her, buying her lavish gifts on their wedding anniversary. However, she didn’t really get to talk to him everyday as he was busy.

What about you? Would you want a one-time off or everyday celebration?

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