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My Very Pretty Cousin ROM Today

My VERY pretty cousin ROM today!!!

And these are the photos taken by me. >.< Happy Viewing!!!

To benefit brides and grooms who will be ROM-ing soon, this is her rough schedule for the day

10am – call every relative to formally invite them to her ROM
10.30am – Vist Make-Up artist to do her make-up and have her hair done

(1pm – My mom and I had reached the Registry of Marriage)
1.20pm – The arrival of my pretty cousin
1.30pm – Take of photos with the wedding couple
2pm – standby at the door of ROM and take queue number

Inside ROM:
2.05pm – with relatives & witnesses (normally the fathers), proceed from waiting area to Registry Office
2.05pm to 2.15pm – After saying marriage vows and signing the marriage certificate, the
Solemniser announced them “husband and wife”
2.15pm – Take group photo in the Registry Office

Outside ROM:
2.20pm – Take photos again outside ROM
2.30pm – Proceed to China Square to have tea
3pm – Tea and chit chat and take photos again
4.30pm – Leave the Tea House

I’m so delighted that my cousin had gotten married and I wana wish her and her boyfriend – oppss…no i mean husband all the best!!!

Items that you MUST bring to the Registry of Marriage:
1. Your Wife or Husband
2. Photographer
3. Witnesses
4. Identity cards of wedding couple and witnesses

My Pretty Cousin ROM Today

My cousin will be going for her ROM (Registry of Marriage) later and I will be attending this very important function!!!

She has always been my adorable younger sister even though she is just my cousin.

She just personally called over the phone to invite us to her ROM although she had invited us earlier. Hmmm…this is called courtesy and respect as she explained she had to do it because she is more junior than us. 😀

I will be helping her to take photographs as she is going more for budget-wedding. So, as relatives, we are trying to help her in anyway we can, to help her reduce costs. >.< Okie....I got to prepare my camera, my batteries and my compact flash card. Will post some of her pretty photos later! >.<

From now till my wedding day…I’m super short of time

One more week left and it seems like I still have tons of things to do:

1) Last Saturday, I have met up with my brothers and planned a draft for our wedding schedule…did I say draft? yes, I have edited it for about 10 times in these past two days. I will be editing it again.

2) next, I have more or less planned the guests sitting arrangement? “What? who can’t sit with who?…who MUST sit with who?…” I have been hearing remarks from my mum and it seems like I’m trying to plan my time-table in University to fit my schedule.

There are still some guests who have yet replied me if they are attending. For Singaporean, it is no “pai-seh” (not embarrasing) to check with guests if they are coming or not. However, according to Hong Kong custom, my future mother-in-law had a difficulty asking her guests. This led to our difficulty of checking who is coming.

(Remember rule number ONE !? If you want a good life as future son-in-law, NEVER confront your mother-in-law. Grooms, remember this!)

3) My fiancee is very nice to help choose the wedding songs from the song lists supplied by the hotel. She is also trying to come up with the wedding videos, montages and slide shows.
We wanted to have : Continue Reading »

Sending out our Wedding Invitation cards

Click here to download the pdf file for this post

1 more month to our wedding…we are busy preparing the wedding invitation cards.

There are a few things you need:

1. The guest’s name and surname (if applicable)

2. The guest’s mailing address (if you are not passing to him/ her personally by hand)

3. A pen to write the names on the inserts

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Sharing of wedding photos by Sharon

I have chanced upon another blogger. Her name is Sharon and she has kindly consented to let me post some of her photos in my blog. 🙂


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