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My Cousin’s Wedding Part 5 – After Wedding Game & Back To Groom’s Home

bride and groom
After having some fun during the wedding game, at least for me, the groom finally could enter the home and meet his bride.

Normally for a typical Chinese wedding custom, the groom will first go to the bride’s home and bring her back to his home to meet his own parents and then make another return trip back to the bride’s home.

There would be suckling pig and mandarin oranges to be brought back from the groom’s home back to the bride’s home as a form of wedding gift and they also symbolise good fortune for the newly wed.

At the groom’s home, there will be offering of tea to his parents and relatives and cousins in order of seniority.

For cousins who are younger, they will offer tea to the newly-wed, and in return, they will get red-packets with money inside. This signifies blessings from the newly-wed.

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Stuart And Kloudiia’s Wedding – Part 3

Stuart and Kloudiia wedding

After the church wedding in the morning, we went back home for a rest.

It was soon night time and we were off to Stuart and Kloudiia’s wedding party in Upper Club, CHIJMES, Singapore.

Before we went, some of us met for lunch and we were discussing if it was of a sit-down type with round tables and chairs and if we were lucky enough, we could see a wedding dance from the newly-wed.

When we were there, we were kinda of surprised.
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Stuart And Kloudiia’s Wedding – Part 2

Stuart and Kloudiia wedding

The whole wedding was divided into 3 parts.

In the morning, it was the church wedding.

Followed by an afternoon of fine-dining in a Country Club and then, another wedding party at night (which I will blog in part 3 soon and this was part 1 of their wedding.)

I think it was a wedding of a different kind, in the sense they do not have wedding dinner, which normally Chinese wedding couples have.

From how I see it, wedding dinner is meant more for the relatives and families as Chinese take it as a formal invitation for everyone that the family knows and has such a grand celebration to announce to everyone that their children are getting married.

But again, you may not want to know the hassle of organising one with all the problems ranging from interference of mother-in-law to not really friendly or helpful hotel staff.

For the wedding party, it is eh… I should tell you more in the next post.

Anyway, back to Stuart and Kloudiia’s wedding, below is a slideshow of their church wedding.
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Stuart And Kloudiia’s Wedding – Part 1

Stuart and Kloudiia wedding

I attended one of my mentor’s wedding yesterday. It was a Catholic wedding at the Church of St Mary of the Angels.

It was the second Catholic wedding I had attended and it was a beautiful experience, totally different from my cousin’s Buddhist wedding ceremony in May 07.

My friends and I arrived quite early, at about 8.30am. There were already many guests, most probably the relatives and immediate family members.

During such wedding, normally the members closer to the wedding couple would turn up especially early for such important occassion.

I remember on my wedding day, one of my aunties turned up at 6.30am at my house and we only leaving the house at 8.10am to fetch the bride.

Back to Stuart and Kloudiia’s wedding, the bride was in this fantastically gorgeous wedding gown from TedWu.

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Paul & Lee Yean Wedding

paul and lee yean wedding

I’m really delighted and exhilarated to have got in touch with my secondary school friend, Lee Yean.

My secondary four classmates had a gathering on last Saturday and sad to say, I couldn’t make it due to work.

From Lee Yean, I heard that one of my friends is pregnant (a lady of course) and other friends have become fathers of 2 or more.

It is really heart warming to hear that many of my friends are doing well and I still remember the times when we are still innocent 16 years old kids, struggling like mad in the top class for our school and wanting to do very well for our O-level exam.

Lee Yean has kindly allowed me to Continue Reading »