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Top 19 Most Sexy Wedding Pictures

sexy wedding pictures
photo from kitty pryde72

sexy wedding pictures
photo from [ Sole Krams ]

sexy wedding pictures
photo from darbig

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A Wedding Story

angry couple
photo from nathancolquhoun

Learning to create a proper and realistic working budget for a wedding is tough, but it is something that is of the utmost importance if you want to have a successful and happy first year of marriage, unlike Jack and Claire. Jack is a successful sportswear designer and Claire is a busy project manager. The happy couple met almost 5 years ago and after a 2 year courtship Jack proposed.
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Don’t Make This Mistake Before Your Wedding

wedding mistake
photo from fadi3

Recently, I heard this over radio and it really worries me.

It is about the mistakes we all made.

And do you or have you made such mistakes?

Let’s find out.

We all make mistakes and mistakes cost us in many ways. Making mistakes come at a price.

It is just how much.

Some make mistakes and get away from it easily such as paying $1000 more above the market price for your wedding gown or choosing the wrong wedding planner who always push the most expensive stuff to you.

There is another mistake that will cost you your life and that is your choice of your partner for life.

Caller #1: Should I marry my fiance or this new guy?
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Top 10 Pretty Brides Part 1

To give credits to photographers from Flickr.com, I decided to do a post on the top 10 pretty brides series.

They are really many photos of amazing pretty brides in the portal, at least 50,000 of them.

So I have decided to select the very few photos which cause me to stop momentarily to admire their glamour.

I want you to do me a favor. Just take a look at their pair of beautiful eyes in every photo.

Pretty Brides
photo from MelanieMCarr

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My Cousin’s Wedding Part 6 – At The Regent Hotel, Singapore

wedding candle
After a hectic morning, finally the newly wed could make their way to the hotel – Regent Hotel.

Time really flew past quickly and soon, it was time for lunch.

For my cousin, she had a wedding lunch for her family, relative and guests.

Wedding lunch is cheaper as the hotel charges are lower. And it is convenient for the guests in the sense it was just a short 3 hours lunch and normally lunch will end at abouot 3 plus to 4pm.

And most importantly, the newly-wed can rest after a busy day.

Wedding is very, very, very tiring!
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