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Don’t Make This Mistake Before Your Wedding

wedding mistake
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Recently, I heard this over radio and it really worries me.

It is about the mistakes we all made.

And do you or have you made such mistakes?

Let’s find out.

We all make mistakes and mistakes cost us in many ways. Making mistakes come at a price.

It is just how much.

Some make mistakes and get away from it easily such as paying $1000 more above the market price for your wedding gown or choosing the wrong wedding planner who always push the most expensive stuff to you.

There is another mistake that will cost you your life and that is your choice of your partner for life.

Caller #1: Should I marry my fiance or this new guy?

Recently I heard this from our local radio station.

This lady, sounded really confused over the phone, was hesitating to get married.

Why? While enjoying her last few moments of bacholorette hood and frequenting in a pub, she met someone else.

And the best part is she is going to get married in a week’s time.

She made a upfront confession over the radio that she loves this new guy more than her fiance.


Oh my! What is this world coming to?

It doesn’t really make sense.

Caller #2: Husband fell in love with someone else, beside his wife.

The next story I wanted to share is about this husband who has just been married for two years and he is 37 this years.

He was a stupid jerk who fell in love with his supervisor in his new job and the supervisor is just 24 years old.

What stupidity is this?

He is even asking the listeners if he should declare his love to this girl who is a fresh graduate and a newbie in the working sector.

I felt a heavy sense of guilt for these callers. What have this world become to?

Where are their sense of COMMITMENT?

Have they forgotten the moment during the proposal that they MADE A PROMISE that they are going to love each other forever and commit to take care of each other forever?

Maybe now there is no FOREVER!

There is only here and now. Who cares about tomorrow?

Then, what is the REAL MEANING of marriage?

I really doubt that we really know. But we can be CONSISTENT and COMMIT to what we PROMISE.

There is only so much time in our life and let’s commit to the promise we made to our loves ones.

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