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What Does Marriage Mean To Me?

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Many times I wonder why some newly-formed couples can be so much in love while the other couples who have been married for a long time felt tortured by their relationship.

I am not sure what your thoughts are but I have my answer.

The word is commitment.

For couples who have yet married, there is not much of commitment.

They meet barely for a few hours, at most 9 hours a day and off they go back to their own home.

During these times, they display the best side of themselves. They cast their ugly side behind their masks. They just need their good side to make their relationship work.

What do these couples do?

I am not sure about them but I know how my wife and I spent time during our courtship days.

Lets break in down in a few parts.

How much do we actually spent? Not exceed 50 dollars for both of us as that time we were still schooling. Our actvities were simple like window-shopping and spending time with each other.

Major expenses come in in areas of food such as lunch and dinner and of course taxi fare when I had to send her home after midnight.

The amount of funding set aside is not more than 200 dollars per month.

How different it is to marriage?

200 dollars is just the most top of the tip of the ice berg. You need a few more zeroes behind to feed your family.

There is more than meet the eyes.

You know the Number 1 cause of quarrels and disagreement is finance (beside sex).

So being the husband in my marriage, I am responsible and commited to bring back the bread for my family.

So, in summary, couples in courtship period do not required to bring back the bacon. They just need to have enough money for their fun time while they are out in the street.

I looked at my cousin and was amazed how her boyfriend splurges hundred, if not thousands, of dollars on her just to make her happy.

And where do you think his money comes from?

His mother of course…so where does the commitment come in for him?

None, I supposed.

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