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16 Innovative Ideas On Inviting Your Friends To Your Big Day!

wedding invitations
photo from k.james

There are many stages that you have to go through when planning a wedding and one of the first and most important is to send out the wedding invitations, so that everyone can attend and plan ahead of time to be there. This can be a boring and tedious task, but there are some fun ways to invite your friends and family.

1. An idea is to put your invitations inside a fancy parcel or pretty box. This can be an interesting way to receive a wedding invite and you can even include some glitter, chocolates or mini soaps for each person.

2. To make an innovative invitation you can create something useful for your guests as well as having your wedding day information on it. Something like a fridge magnet with a pretty picture or photo can be great and then your guests will have no excuse to not RSVP!

3. Another interesting idea for invitations is to have them rolled up like a scroll. This may be a little more challenging to post, but it is always fun to open a scroll like you have been invited to a royal ball.

4. Invitations do not have to be written as such, but can also be delivered via messenger, also like a royal ball. This would only be effective and practical if you have a small guest list with people all staying relatively close to you. A hand written note or invite can also be given by the messenger, so that people can RSVP and have a reminder of the dates.

wedding invitations
photo from lucasdigital

5. Think booklet. This can be a cute way of inviting people and instead of a folded up piece of card, you can have a small booklet with extra fun items included, like poems, photos, and the wedding details, almost like a diary.

6. Floral pressed papers. You can have floral designed papers pasted behind invitation cards and it can be act as a separator between the card and the reply card.

7. Making it three-dimensional. Use floral paper cutters to make little flowers and paste them at the corner of the card. This gives texture and a feel for the plain white invitation cards.

8. Turn your card into a classical design with nice-pattered ribbon tied in the middle of the card.

wedding invitations
photo from ed fladung

9. Invites in black with amazing red birds and its colourful tail feathers. The card folds out to be four squares. One will be “Bride and Groom’s names” with “Year of wedding” in small print at the bottom with a bird on that. The other square will have the information and the other will be a big collage of groom and bride.

10. If you have a beach-themed wedding, build your card around pictures of the beach. Get a stamp (as in scrapbooking stamps), of a seashell and stamped the front of each card using a soft blue ink for the shell and then they put a few grains of sand into each card. Give the feelings of as if being at the beach.

11. In the internet age, even invitation cards have gone online. Get a domain name with you and your bride’s names and insert all the wedding details. It is like a personal wedding website. Set up an autoresponder for guests to RSVP and enter their names and emails. Any follow-up reminder emails can be sent to them at a click of a mouse. No worry about forgetful guests.

wedding invitations
photo from Katy’s Clutter

12. Do “message in a bottle” and they work best for an beach/seaside theme. You can get the papers at local paper shop and tie a nice ribbon around the paper invite just like a message in a bottle, aloong with reply slip.

13. Create an elaborate powerpoint presentation and either email it or put it on a disc and mail it to your invitees. Very simple and inexpensive. You can include pictures of the two of you together, wedding plans, honeymoon plans, etc. That would look very nice. Dang, I may just have to market this! Then after the wedding and honeymoon is over you could update the powerpoint presentation to include actual wedding photos, honeymoon photos, etc and send to your invitees.

14. Go to dollar store and get wooden heart cutout. Paint them and then make them into magnets. Write your wedding details and give them to your invited guests.

wedding invitations
photo from Jing Lilliehook

15. Do a trifold design wedding card. The first fold has bride’s fingerprint and name, the second fold has the groom’s fingerprint and name, and then the last page as the two fingerprints overlapped and angled to form a heart shape, with the typical “we request the honor of your presence…”

16. Hand make your invitation cards. Get a red card and get two separate photos of when both of you were kids. Photo-shopped together, to make one photo. I think it will look lovely.

wedding invitations
photo from fractalien

Whatever you decide to do, your wedding invitations will be fun and different. Your guests will definitely love getting interesting invites, so get those creative juices flowing and enjoy coming up with the invitation ideas.

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