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2 Incredilble Weddings in A Roll

I had 2 incredible weddings in a roll for the past two days.

One of them was my neighbour’s and the other was my beloved cousin’s.

It was fun and very tiring in fact as I had to work in the morning till evening and had to rush home to get myself prepared for the wedding dinner on last Saturday. I only managed to catch a 45 minutes nap.

Somehow, I have yet to recover from the oversea travelling fatigue and I am still really tired, physically and emotionally.

I just feel drained.

However, I still dragged myself to attend both weddings as both were relaly significant for me.

Let me tell you more about the first wedding – my neighbour’s.

The bridal car with its envoy of the brother’s cars came at about 7am. The loud series of horn blasts woke the whole neighbourhood up. The horn was to signify the coming of the groom to fetch the bride and it somehow started the day with a “bang!”

The wedding games by the bridesmaids were simpler compared to mine. They just had a game of passing the rubber using straws and had to be done using the groomsmen’s mouths, guessing from a paper of full of kisses and signatures which of those belong to his wife.

Later, was the declaration of love by the groom and he had to read a signed contract done by the bride.

Some of the non-negotiable terms are:

– “I promised to bring my wife for a holiday once a week”,
– “I promised to do all the housechores”,
– “I promised to wash my wife’s car every day”,
– “I promised to buy my wife a bigger diamond every year and it has to at least a carat more than the previous”.

It was after that the groom was given to the housedoor key to fetch the bride. And of course, not forgetting the ang pow money of S$888.

The second wedding was my cousin’s, M.

She had a ROM (solemnisation) a few months ago and yesterday she had her wedding lunch.

I had to wake up at 5 am and be at her house by 6.30 am.

In the early morning, there was some unhappy moments.

My younger teenage cousin, being defiant, refused to wake up as she just had been back from Taiwan the night before. However, she didn’t come home instantly and went out with her friends.

The crucial point was that she didn’t bother to come home earlier to have a good rest so as to ensure she woke up on time to attend such an important wedding.

Can you imagine it’s your wedding and guests didn’t turn up early because they wanted to have more sleep at home?

And I’m not sure how “important” she sees her relative.

My aunt was really displeased with her but there was nothing she could do. It was typical story of how children nowadays do control their parents and the parents are really helpess in disciplining their children.

Alright, enough of this. Now, back to my cousin’s wedding.

The bridesmaids came really early to prepare very “delicious” breakfast with creepy crawlers for the groom and his groomsmen.

This is infact the most gross wedding breakfast ever offered!!!

I shall tell you more in the upcoming posts, and with photos of the yummy brekafast, which is part of the wedding game.

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