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Honeymoon to Europe

Dionysiou Areopagitou St

There are many places you can go for your honeymoon ranging from Asia, to Europe to the States. If we can have more than one honeymoon, we would love to visit Europe.

I have heard about wonderful things about Europe mainly from friends who have studied there and they used their school breaks to tour the neighbouring areas. Of course, it will be cheaper to depart within Europe itself compared to travelling all the way from Asia.

There are so many places in Europe that you can visit. However, there is another important factor we need to consider.

It is money.

Having burnt a big hole in our pocket from our wedding, the places we can go for our honeymoon is very limited by our budget.

I have even heard of honeymoon being pushed back because the couple is deeply in debt and they can’t even afford to have a short trip to the neighbouring islands.

Athens, Greece

For us, we went Seoul, South Korea instead. It is definitely cheaper compared to going to Japan. However, on a second thought, going to Europe sounds more fun and more thrilling.

Whenever I hear my friend mentioning that they are going to Europe or had just been back from Europe, I grew in envy. Won’t you if you heard that your friend had gone on a 2 months’ trip?

So, if you have really decided to go a honeymoon to Europe, you still can save by booking your hotels online.

I did an internet search and I was awed by the amount of free information they have. (I shouldn’t have bought the US$37 travel guide book to Europe! Sigh!)

Corfu, Greece

There are some of the common attractions to these places.
1. Amsterdam attractions: Canals, van Gough Museum, Dam square.

2. Athens attractions: Temple of Olympus, Ancient Agora, Acropolis.

3. Greece attractions: Island touring, historical sites and museums.

4. Prague attractions: Prague Castle, Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square.

As I have mentioned, you can still save while on these trips. There is no need to stay in lavish hotels or go with tour goups. If you can afford, by all means go ahead and have a pampering honeymoon.

With the convenience of booking accomodations online nowadays, for instance if you happen to be in Amsterdam, you can book amsterdam hotels right now. (or at least after finish reading this post.)

Sounds easy? Likewise if you have planned your trip to Athens, Greece or Prague, you can book athens hotels, greece hotels and prague hotels.

Booking accomodations online have never been made easier. So while dealing with the stress that comes with your wedding planning, do your best to settle your honeymoon online.

One tip to ensure you have a smooth journey is to print out any confirmation letter and make duplications for them, be it for accomodations, entrance tickets or air tickets.

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