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Wedding Dress Patterns – Tips On How To Choose Them

Shopping for wedding dress patterns can be just as daunting a task as shopping for a dress off the rack, even more so, if you will be sewing the dress yourself. There are so many things to consider when looking for just the right wedding dress pattern so that you will be the most stunning of brides on your wedding day.

The good news it that since you or someone else will making the dress from scratch, you will have total control over how your wedding dress will look on your most special day. You will have a custom creation that is unique and designed especially for you alone.

Here are some things to consider when shopping for wedding dress patterns.

The first thing to consider is the style of your wedding. Will it be a traditional wedding, or will you being doing something a little more out of the ordinary and have a themed wedding, such as a Celtic wedding? This of course dictates which type of wedding dress pattern you will be looking for.

Another consideration when looking for your wedding dress pattern will be the location of your wedding. Will it be indoors, or outdoors? If you will be having your wedding outdoors, you will want to consider the time of year and season. If it is in the fall or winter you will want to choose a pattern that help keep you warm, if it is spring or summer you will want something that will help keep you cool. The pattern in conjunction with the fabric that you choose will make a big difference as to your comfort on your special day.

You will want your wedding dress to show off your figure to it’s best advantage. Listed below are the 4 basic body types and the goals that you want to keep in mind for yourself based on your body type when choosing your pattern:

Triangle –

your hips are wider than your bust and shoulders. Your goal will be to minimize your lower body and create the illusion of additional upper body width.

Reverse Triangle –

your upper body is wider than your lower body. Your goal will be to emphasize lower body width.

Hourglass –

your bust and hips are larger than your small waist. Your goal will be to create balance.

Rectangle –

your body is long and narrow without a strongly defined waistline. Your goal will be to emphasize width and avoid long vertical lines.

Pick a wedding dress pattern that emphasizes those body features that you want to play up or down.

Since you want your wedding dress to be the most flattering of dresses, there are other things to think about as well, such as the color of the wedding dress.

You want to pick a color that looks the best on you if you are not going with a white or off-white traditional wedding gown. You will want to consider your skin color when picking out your dress color. Your skin color will greatly affect how the gown looks on you. A bride with a lighter skin color has more choices than a bride with a darker skin color.

For brides with a lighter skin color, white or a dress in a darker color will result in a very lovely appearance. Brides with a darker skin color will want to choose their colors while also considering their make up also for the most beautiful appearance. If you have darker skin and do not consider your make up while choosing your fabric and during your fittings, you will not have a true reflection of how you will look on your wedding day.

Since you are making your own dress or having it made, you will be able to embellish it any way you choose. Brides can make fashion statements with fabric. You can range from delicate draping to more dramatic ruffles and fabric flowers. Ruffles, ribbon, ruching, gathering, pleats, fabric flowers, and draping are all special details that you can add to your gown. Just remember to keep your body type in mind when picking your embellishments.

Here are few places where you can start looking for your wedding dress pattern on line.

Simplicity Patterns has been making patterns for generations. Look them up on the internet and browse through their patterns. They have a large selection of wonderful patterns to choose from.

Vogue Patterns also offers a stylish selection of bridal patterns. Go to their website and browse through their collection also.

McCall’s, is another trusted name in sewing patterns. They have a marvelous collection of patterns on their website to go look through.

Searching through all the wedding dress patterns may seem overwhelming at first, but by following the tips presented here you will end up with a stunning dress and you will be the most beautiful of bride’s on your wedding day.

Melinda Barton is an Internationally recognized wedding planner and author of the book Wedding Planning Secrets.

She has given several TV and radio appearances and is passionate about helping everyone succeed in their desire to have the best wedding through simple and easy to use wedding planning secrets.

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