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Plus Size Bridal Gowns

Fortunately for full-figured women, it is now becoming easier to find bridal gowns that flatter and fit. Shops specializing in bigger bridal wear can now be found everywhere. There are still some wedding apparel stores that carry only sizes 2 to 14, but more and more shops now cater to sizes 16 to 24, and some even go up to 32!

If you know what to look for and where, you will get your hands on your dream gown in no time. But before you go and shop, read these two short but very helpful tips to keep in mind when choosing a gown.

1. Sizing can be misleading, so it?s best to try the gown on before purchasing it. Remember that most bridal gown manufacturers use European sizing, which is a couple of sizes smaller than US sizes. A size 24 on tag, for example, may actually be just a size 20. It is therefore a good idea to meticulously fit the gown ? walk in it, sit in it, even dance in it.

If you have to buy online and cannot try on the gown, you should take the safe route and buy something that is two sizes bigger than your actual size. It is easier to have a bridal gown taken in than have it altered to be bigger. A bigger gown is also much more adaptable if your weight comes and goes. It will still fit you even if you gain some weight, and can be easily sewn in if you lose some pounds.

2. Call ahead before you pay the bridal store a visit. When you are preparing for a wedding, every minute is crucial. Don?t waste your time cruising through wedding gown shops that do not carry plus sizes, or do not customize special sizes of their designs. Ask all the questions you have in mind during your call. Don?t be afraid to inquire about the extra fees they may charge for plus sizes.

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