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How Late Do You Allow Your Spouse to be Home?

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Yesterday, I was quite frustrated about the fact that my wife was home late and she forgot to abide to the pact we made many months ago.

The pact is to call home or drop me a message if anyone of us will be home late. We have to inform by 10pm.

However, she forgot.

Even though I may be quite angered by this encounter, I told myself it was quite a rare opportunity for her to meet up with her ex-classmates.

I started to put myself in her shoes and imagined how fun it was to be if I were hanging out with my old classmates.

It was like so much things to catch up with so little time.

This is like a change of focus, from what was bad to the better side.

In fact, do you know what is the reason for informing?

I mentioned in one of my earlier post that informing the spouse of reaching home is not to seek permission if she could still hang out with her friends.

The purpose to inform is solely because the spouse respects the other party and does not want him or her to worry.

It is the same as how much a mother wants her own daughter to call home whenever she knows she will be home late.

Beside not letting the mother worries for no reason, this gives the mother ample time for her to react to the situation.

Does she need to get changed and pick her daughter up?

Or can she just nap for a while and wake up later to pick up her daughter?

Similarly, I need time to know if I need to wait for my wife at the lift lobby because then it was very late and it may be unsafe for a lady to wander home alone.

Though I do still quite angry while coming up with this post and yesterday’s negative feelings were relinquished at this point in time, this post also serves as a reminder for me that the marriage journey is still long.

Whatever pact we have made all these whiles, I think both of us need time to process, digest, accept and internalise.

It may take a few days, a few months or even a few years for these to happen.

I know there are so many things that both a husband and wife can do together and there are tines that it may get confusing.

But, one thing for sure it takes a life time of committment and partnership to make sure all these happen.

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