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What is the Secret to a Wedding Survival?

Many of us thought that having a wedding is a great joy.

Yes, it is. It is a bliss.

And at the same time, many of us forget that it comes together as a package.

You know it is like a big project and your fiance is your partner.

Have you taken part in any project at all?

Does everything go smoothly?

Or sometimes you feel like strangling your partner who you see as uncooperative or want to “eat snake” (meaning laze around and refuse to help)?

It is not easy.

Before a project there will be briefing of expectations on the team and delegation of roles to the members.

If organising a wedding needs a project-style management, why isn’t most couples doing that.

There still must be delegation of roles to each of bride and groom.

There is still a dateline which is obviously your wedding day.

However, some grooms or brides took their significant other for granted and “expected” them to take up every major role.

Yes, you can see it as a a sacrifice (and it is definitely a virtue for a marriage to last for eternity.)

But will such a pattern be repeated in your marriage life.

You can tolerate.

You can endure.

But can you do it for your whole life?

There will bound to be frustration and anxiety. How long can you hold up?

Even a majectically huge volcano with a big volume will eventually vomit all the pent-up emotion? Lava Hot!!!

So what is the secret?

Re-read this post from the start and you will find out what the secret is.

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