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A Flower A Day Made Her Smile Everyday

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I know this blog will made the men loose more money and made the ladies reading out there happier.

Imagine your husband coming home everyday with a bouquet of flowers or something that you like.

In fact, the title of the post is too exaggerating as there is hardly any real story of ladies receiving a bouquet of flower each day.

If you have this luxury, please leave a comment.

As for my wife, yes she does receive flowers regularly but definitely not once a day. Flowers are too expensive to be bought once a day.

I bought her a bouquet once a month. It can be small, medium or sometimes, large.

Many of my female friends were complaining to me that the number of romantic stuffs done by their husbands drastically dropped after their weddings.

I’m not sure how true is it. Does it happen to you as well?

Beside spending less time with each other partially because both are dead tired after a long day of work, husbands and wives took it for granted that for the fact that they are married, it is not necessary to carry on being romantic.

I beg to differ.

It is because for the fact both are married, there is even more need to spirnkle more romance over your marriage life.

As a lady, won’t you miss the romantic walks you had done when you were still in courtship period.

Won’t you be envious when you see your female colleague who was just attached, receiving a big bouquet of flowers?

Won’t you bite your teeth when you see how cuddly and loving young couples are in the public?

Perhaps you are once like them. Don’t let marriage life stop you from bringing in more romance into your life.

These are 5 things I do for my wife most of the time:
1. Shoulder and back massage to relieve her tension
2. Stroll round the estate at night and just chit chat for her to vent out her pent-up emotion
3. Buying of flower for her to remind how how much I love
4. A small toy to reward her hard work in her job
5. A treat to thank her for taking care of me

Some of these are free. You can do it too 🙂

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