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How I Feel During Our Bridal Gowns Selection?

Bridal gowns never seem to amuse me. They are such delicate fine art pieces worn on a lady’s body.

For the fact the gowns are worn on a woman, it makes it more glamorous and sensual.

So elegant and sweet!

And the most magical moment is to see the bridal gown on your wife.

I still remember the first time I saw my wife wearing her wedding gown.

It was during the trial period. I felt like I was having a sweet dream.

It also hit me that my then girlfriend was soon going to my wife.

Many images flashed across my mind from the time we were in university till that moment. 5 years had passed and I’m getting married!

There was a sense of empowerment and blissfulness rushing through me. It was like a magic cast on me and oh my, I’m floating on cloud nine!

It was a million dollar feeling.

No, it was priceless.

Yet, I felt it was strange some of my female friends told me their grooms were not very enthusiastic to accompany them during such important times.

I know ladies take hours to find the perfect gown. It was also not easy to find his perfect wife.

Grooms should be with you the whole process similar to how he will pledge to be with you in times of ups and downs.

If a groom can’t even be bothered to go through this, you may want to reconsider who you are marrying.

For the ladies, here are some fabulous wedding gowns I have found from the net. Do visit their websites for more gowns selection.

favourite bridal gown

from souq.com

favourite bridal gown

from shinymedia.blogs.com

favourite bridal gown

from leclairebridal.com

favourite bridal gown

from weddingdressmarket.com

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    adham Says:

    Articles and a very beautiful picture ..
    Can add insight about the model, style, and design a wedding dress.

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