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Charity Telethon 2007 by Stuart Tan

This post will digress abit from my normal posts on wedding. I’m doing this post to create more public awareness of the Charity Event my friend is currently doing.

My friend Stuart Tan is running SuperTelethon and he is interviewing a group of marketing and personal development experts from all over the world across a non-stop 36-Hour period without sleep and without solid food in a bid to generate awareness for the Make-A-Wish Foundation? and raise funds for them.

Make-A-Wish Foundation? helps make wishes for children, with life-threatening illnesses, come through.

Their parents have no means to support their dreams and Make-A-Wish Foundation? takes up this role.

As newly-wed couples, we look forward to have our own children. I’m sure every parent wants their children to be healthy and strong.

No one wants a child with defects or abnormality.

However, not all parents are fortunate enough. However, I am also seeing that these parents with children who have life-threatening illnesses putting a strong front to combat the sickness with their children everyday.

I remembered I was volunteering at a Hospice and the child I was tutoring had brain tumor. He couldn’t control his salivation and he had to clean off his saliva every now and then while doing his best to listen to me. His left eye was blind too and his left forehead was indented due to multiple surgery.

It was 5 years ago and I’m not sure if he is still alive now. :_(

This inspired me to organise a charity event myself, getting 28 friends together to sponsor a Christmas gift for 60 children who are autistic, have celebral palsy or are intellectually disabled.

Not a big event compared to Stuart’s SuperTelethon but it is a good start for me.

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