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3 Must-Know Reasons Why Wedding Gone Berserk!!!

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“Yes, I do!” replied the girlfriend after the boyfriend kneeled in the middle of a busy crowd and proposed to his future wife. (not bad for an Eiffel tower proposal too!)

Yes, I do see that she is in for a roller coaster ride of wedding planning physically, mentally and emotionally.

For those of you who are planning your wedding right now, you get what I meant.

A few of my friends are planning their wedding right now and I can see that they are at different phases.

I’m clueless of what to do!!!:

What comes after proposal? Definitely not sex.

It is the responsibility of commiting to the many tasks that are pouring onto you.

Are you prepared financially? Your wedding-planning is going to cut a big hole in your pocket and money is going to flow out like nobody’s business.

Do you know what to do next? How to look for your wedding venue? What about your wedding favors? Oh, I forget to tell you that you will be meeting some really nasty wedding service providers like the bridal studios staff who only provide the service to customers who spent alot.

My fiance has changed!:

No! He has not. It is just that you have yet to know who he really is. All along you have seen more of his public self and less of his private self.

Some of the brides I spoke to have no idea who are the men sleeping next to them?

“I just can’t stand his weird habits.” exclaimed a bride. Oh my, have you thought about if he can stand yours too?

Wedding planning phase marks the test of time to see if the bride and groom can compromise and support each other in terms of making decisions and accomplishing tasks together.

Let’s say if you can’t even compromise over what color to get for your bridal car, how can you guarantee that both of you can make wise and appropriate decision during family planning.

I have always urged wedding couples to use such times to understand each other better, inside out and outside in.

I give up!!!:

Sad to say, I have come across this for the past one year. About 10 in fact when wedding planning turns disastrous and going their separate ways seemed to be the only solution to their trauma and confusion.

How did such things happen?

When the groom prefers playing computer games over helping the bride in their wedding planning.

When the bride still feels that she can’t stand a man like his groom and can’t even believe she has been loving a man like that.

When both the bride and groom feel that they need more time to understand each other.

It is a long process. Going their separate ways doesn’t neccessarily means it is the end.

They may come back together stronger, more loving and more ready to take on the upcoming challenges of their wedding-planning and their life after that.

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