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Maternity Wedding Gowns

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Wedding gowns come in all variety.

There are the sexy wedding gowns which require the minimum amount of materials and there are those that are suitable for expecting brides.

I know of some brides in wedding forums whose babies are already more than 5 months old and they are getting married in a month or two.

Something really unfamiliar and uncomfortable to be accepted at first but it is going to be a growing trend when more and more couples have shot-gun marriages.

I do understand how tempting it is to have pre-marital sex especially for couples who are relatively young both in terms of age and maturity.

This always reminded me of the common tag lines that men use:

If don’t “do it”, it means you don’t love me.

Hey, love is not just based on a moment of ectatsy and if men really love their women, men will respect both the women’s bodies and souls.

Men will plan a conducive environment, providing the best for the wives and children.

This is very true at least in my own opinion.

Many times, women are the greatest motherly species in the planets. They sacrifice alot for the children.

I have plenty to quote to make my statement justifiable.

Women who have spent tens of years getting Ph.D or Doctorate level become stay-home mothers to look after their children.

Women who are unwell or very exhausted still took up two jobs, one from 9am to 6pm and the other from 7pm to 10pm just to earn enough to feed her children first.

Women will use their bodies to shield their children from danger, even if it meants killing them and keeping their children alive and well.

In this century even in a very safe environment like Singapore, one will argue where is the danger?

In the event of any mishap or freak accident, the mother instinct will naturally take over to protect her children.

Thus, I feel all mothers and mothers-to-be (who are the brides) have to be respected.

So here are some maternity wedding gowns that I feel will still make them graceful and pretty on their big wedding days!

maternity wedding gown

from dragonorient.com

maternity wedding gown

from bridesnbumps.com

maternity wedding gown

from tiffanyrose.co.uk

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