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Want to Have a Celebrity Wedding?

Weddings involve a lot of planning, creativity, and most of all?money! In the world of weddings, there are several styles to choose from. Some include casual, formal, semi-formal, destination, and beachside. Many brides have a general idea of what type of wedding that they desire and these ideas are sometimes inspired by a celebrity couple?s wedding. Some brides have emulated a celebrity wedding in its entirety, while others simply borrow the look of the bride?s attire?including the gown, bridal jewelry, hair, makeup, and bouquet. Having a celebrity-inspired wedding is possible even with a not-so-celebrity budget.

The first step in pulling off a celebrity-style wedding is to search popular magazines for Hollywood weddings that most inspires you. Be sure to choose a look that fits your own personal style and personality. Do not be intimidated by the diamond bridal jewelry and accessories. The average couple spends approximately $30,000 on their wedding, while the average celebrity spends hundreds of thousands of dollars. Swarovski crystals will achieve the look without ruining your budget.

After you have chosen your star studded look, the next step is to do what you do best?go shopping! Many wedding shops carry bridal gowns that are designer knock offs. Be sure to take a picture of the wedding dress and bridal jewelry to the bridal shop. More than likely, a store clerk can help you find the look that you are trying to achieve. If you don?t find what you are looking for right away, don?t give up; just move on to another bridal shop.

The wonderful thing about having a celebrity-motivated wedding is that everyone gets to be a star. Most Hollywood stars have other celebrities standing up in their wedding, which means that your attendants should have designer-inspired attire as well. Your bridesmaids will love the idea of being celebrity-inspired for a day. Wearing a designer knock-off and diamond like bridal jewelry is an inexpensive way of looking like a star!

After you have selected the bridal attire for your Hollywood-inspired wedding you can move on to the other details?the cake, dinner party, decorations, etc. The best way to communicate your ideas to the florist, caterer, and wedding coordinator is to use a picture. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. If you have chosen pearls as an accent, it is a good idea to take your pearl bridal jewelry along with you in order to coordinate the appropriate colors. Those that are experienced in the wedding industry are perfectly capable of accommodating a celebrity-style wedding on a strict budget. Before you know it, you?ll be walking down the aisle as if you were going down the red carpet.

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