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Evolution of Couples

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Couples evolve from couple who are in love to teen couple to wedding couple and finally to married couples and hopefully, they always stay as loving couples till when they are old couple.

Some couples may become hot couples and end up as celebrity couples.

You realise that even during couplehood, there is a passage for them. And of course, there are some who turn out to be flame-extinguished couples.

It is not easy to sustain the flame. As loving couples who are madly in love when they first see each other, the flame is on number 11 in a scale of 1 to 10!

The teen couples are madly and deeply and sometimes, blindly in love.

They eat together, study together or even stay in the hostel together (though it is illegal to do so.)

Every where they go, they are seen as one romantic teen couple and the world seemed to revolve around them.

Likewise for office love affair, it seemed like there is always romance in the air. They are seen working together, lunching together, going to work together and leaving the office together.

Eventually, when the relationship died down, you may end up seeing only one does the routine alone.

If things go well and they become a wedding couple, wedding bells ring and indicate their start of marriage life.

However, sad to say, many didn’t make it to their own wedding ceremony because they lost the “romantic couples” identity and became angry couples.

They are angry over why their partners are like this, they are angry with the way they are and they are angry why their partners just can’t be like that.

In fact, frankly speaking, they are just angry with themselves and frustrated over why they choose their partners in the first place.

You know as couples, the individuals also evolve in their own ways. As they grow older, they discover about who they really are and why they are behaving in certain ways.

The more curious ones will continue to uncover the mystery behind. Many just want to hide it and sweep the dirty linen under the carpet and pretend it was never there in the first place.

They still want to stay as their loving wedding couple status and they pray really really hard they they will stay on as happy couple.

Let’s take for instance something happen during your childhood. You may be angry over why your parents are brought you up in a certain way, maybe very authoritative.

When you are younger, you can’t rebel because you are small and helpless.

Now when you are older, you are taller and stronger and you know you can rebel but don’t know how. Sometimes, you won’t want to.

But the past hurt in you are embedded in your subconscious mind tells you too.

You may express them in terms of emotions or verbal. You say “no” to your parents even though there are achieveable requests. And you feel thrilled!

Not able to comprehend what I am talking?

Just check out and observe your couple’s dynamic when the next conflict arises.

You will be surprised many times you are coping as how you did or watched your parents coped when you are much younger.

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