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Couples, Relationship And Business Success

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My friend Stuart Tan wrote a post on the relationship between relationship and business.

I always believe that a strong relationship starts at home.

For those men who want to succeed in business, find a good wife who love you and can take good care of your family.

Of course, in return, you have to respect and love your wives even more.

Do look around you at those succesful businessmen. Most, or in not all, have a stable and loving family at home. When they go to work, they are very assured that their families are well-taken care of at home.

What about those with problems at home?

Or let’s look at yourself. How do you feel when you quarreled with your girl-friend or wife and then you go to work?

Your day is going down from the start you step out of your house.

You are going to have a grumpy face all day and your boss and customers are going to sense there is something wrong with you.

Maybe, to make matter worst, your not very empathic boss warned you not to pull such a long face for fear you may scare away your customers (his customers to be exact).

Look at the chain reaction a bad mood can cause to your life.

Even when crisis does happen, do you think you will be in the best state of mind to handle the situation well?

The answer is obviously “no”!!!

Similarly to wedding planning, there will be ups and downs. You are focused to make your wedding come true and every plan ideally falls in place.

However, alot of times, it is not true. Life is never a bed of roses.

The wedding photographer disappears and the hotel coordinator ruins your day by charging more than it is supposed to be.

If your wife is not supportive or understanding and asks you bluntly “Why did you screw up over such a simple task?”

How would you feel?

I think the wedding may become a history.

However, if your girlfriend tells you that it is ok and you have done your best and she gives you a long big hug.

That will be a different story.

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