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Crossroads Till End of Time

Sometimes, life is really unpredictable and exciting.

When you really believe hard enough, your dreams will come true.

Lately, some one asks me how much to buy me out of my bond.

I feel honored to have him asked me.

He is working for a very popular Small-Medium Enterprise which has million dollars of turnover each year and the number is flying by exponential figure.

The Director also asked me before how much to buy me out of my bond and asked me to join him.

As much as I want to cross over to their side, I do feel in a dilemma.

It is not easy to tell them that to cross over means killing me to bring my body across.

Of course, it is a metaphor, meaning how much I love my job.

I told my friend it will be priceless because we are talking about passion.

I love my job and the children I know in my social work sector. I’m not working. I’m playing and I dance to work everyday. I’m paid to play if you are to rephrase that.

I can say I have above average management and intellectual skill and I used what I learnt from my reading and apply them to my work. Being quite well-versed in psychology put me at a more competenet level. Meaning I can read a person inside-out and can be quite accurate to 60 to 80%.

I’m also talking about digesting at least 300 pages of self-help and business books in 2 to 3 days. This means I read about 5 books per month and 60 books per year. This put me on top of 5% of the population who read books till the last page.

I eat book for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So reading do make my intellectual asset more valuable than a common employee and to a certain extent, business owners I met told me I’m special and passionate about anything I do. I’m honored by what they said and I just reply I’m just doing my best.

Talking about crossing over and changing career, I’m not ready yet though a big opportunity is swaying right in front of my eyes. We are talking about a chance that can earn US$1,000 in a day!

I think I will give it a miss. Meanwhile, it puts me into a deeper and clearer perspective. I’m going to earn my first million by the age of 30 and open up my own centre.

I promise.

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One Response to “Crossroads Till End of Time”

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    Benrick Soh Says:

    Hi Jhongren, you have a big aspiration and willing to make sacrifices for that. No many people are able to do that. Way to go!

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