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Broke Up Before Wedding

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wedding break up

I received a bad news today from one of the brides who broke up before their wedding.

Sometimes, I wonder is it a good news or not that break up does happen before the actual wedding ceremony.

It saddened me alot to hear the news as this bride had been actively planning her wedding for the past 9 months. I have been liaising with her through emails, giving her support through phone calls and she shared with me how excited she is about her own wedding.

However, the husband-to-be wasn’t very active in planning and giving her support. From the interpretation of the frustration she shared with me, it seemed that her fiance couldn’t really be bothered about his wedding.

It doesn’t look good.

Wedding planning may at most last for a year or two. Marriage lasts for an eternity.

The success of it is dependant on the proportion of effort and committment put in by the wedding couples.

Beside the huge amount of tasks and liaision work between bridal shops and hotels, there is the unpredictable amount of emotional turmoils that is going at home and between her and her fiance.

It is not easy to plan the wedding for two alone.

This bride was asking me what she should do after the break up. Should she give the fiance another chance and pretend nothing has happened?

In my opinion, she should postponed her wedding. I don’t think they are ready yet.

If the fiance can’t support her even during short span of time, who can guarantee that he can provide her an eternity of support and love?

Marriage is not just mundane management of daily tasks as husband and wife. It includes a million and one tasks such as the upbringing of children and providing as well as protecting the wife, at least this is what I strongly believe in.

Marriage is the enmeshment of two unique individuals, coming together to walk through fire if there is a need to.

Marriage is a promise of love and bringing together of two who have promised to take good care of each other in times of ups and downs.

At this point in time, I think the bride has been resting after crying for the past few days. I think it is definitely not an easy decision to make.

Beside facing the questions from families and relatives and friends, she has to face herself.

A few months down the road, she may find herself asking herself if she did make the right move.

If she believes she has done the right thing for the common good of her future family, then she deserves to take a few days of good rest.

With a clearer mind, she may pick herself up again and you never know she has become a stronger self and know better what she wants to see in her husband – a protector for life.

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