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37 Reasons Why Wedding is Cancelled

There are many reasons why a wedding is cancelled and these are some of them.

1. Disapproval by parents
2. Unable to commit by husband
3. Uncertainity of bride
4. Insufficient finance
5. Unable to stand either party
6. Can’t tolerate husband’s weird habits
7. Unable to come to a compromise in choice of wedding theme
8. Groom can’t be bothered about helping in weddding tasks
9. Death of the groom
10. Bride met up with an accident

11. Passing away of a close family member
12. Can’t stand future mother-in-law
13. Unable to get a house
14. Quarreled before the wedding day (mostly over trivial matters)
15. Fear of marriage
16. Fear of committment
17. Rechange of priority in life (marriage shifted from number one)
18. Oversea posting of job
19. Groom given a promotion and needs to work on that day
20. Bride posted to oversea for work due to clinching of mega project

21. Groom still seeing ex-girlfriend
22. Bride still meeting up with ex
23. Bride unsure if groom is the right one
24. Bride meets a cool new guy and sparks flew
25. Groom meets a hot babe at bar and there was “fireworks” display
26. Bride and groom have a good talk and feel that is better for them to remain as friends
27. Couple realised that they are getting married because of family pressure
28. Couple realised that they should plan their own wedding and not for the sake of others
29. Last minute cancellation of flight and relatives are unable to make it
30. Bride got too stressed up by wedding planning and wanted it quit

31. Bride got into depression as stressors overwhelmed her
32. Groom suffers from anxiety as he can’t cope with changing of roles from boyfriend to husband
33. Bankrupt of business
34. Groom or bride disappear overnight
35. Bride or groom didn’t turn up for wedding
36. Bride finds groom flirting online
37. Groom finds bride still flirting at local bar

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