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37 Ways to Live With Your Spouse Daily

Here are my 37 Ways to Live With Your Spouse Daily: (I will be compiling this list to 101.)

1. Kiss each other good morning
2. Make breakfast for her
3. Close the door if she is still sleeping so as not to disturb her
4. Go for morning breakfast together
5. Go for a morning jog
6. Read the morning newspapers together
7. Plan the day’s activities together
8. Do house chores together
9. Let the husband sweep the floor while the wife mobs the floor
10. Make the bed together

11. Cuddle together in bed
12. Go to the market together
13. Catch a show
14. Cook each other’s favourite dishes for lunch
15. Offer to buy lunch home if wife is too busy to cook
16. Give the husband a good massage if he is too tired
17. Go cycling together in the evening
18. Go to gym together
19. Go to the nearest coffee shop for tea-break
20. Visit the in-laws

21. Participate in yoga classes
22. Go swimming
23. Dine together for dinner
24. Watch sunset together
25. Do the laundry together
26. Rent a dvd and watch at home
27. Go window shopping
28. Spend a day at the beach having picnic
29. Take the local train from one end to the other
30. Go to the airport to watch planes take off and land

31. Play Playstation games together
32. Visit the arcade games centre
33. Chit chat and catch up
34. Spend the day looking for what your spouse may need to buy but has no time
35. Remind your wife that she is the most beautiful lady in the world
36. Stay beside and accompany your wife though she didn’t ask you too
37. Give your husband a kiss

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