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How are Celebrity Weddings Like?

celebrity wedding dress

The wedding stories that I have been blogging about do not really reflect the celebrity weddings of high profile celebrities.

I’m not talking about local celerity like Zoe Tay but I’m referring to heavy-weight stars in the Hollywood.

I was doing some research and gathering materials for this blog category and the weddings cover from stars who are marrying for the first time, stars who married on impulse and filed for divorce the next day (You know who? Britney Spears…) and also stars who married their lovers of the same gender (such as Elton John)

I would love to compile all their pictures of them in wedding gowns (But certainly this will exclude Elton John because he won’t have one.)

Here are 3 Celebrity Weddings for a start:

1. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban wedding pictures

nicole kidman wedding dress

Nicole wore a floor length white gown, complete with pearl earrings and a cascading veil. She has always seemed to me, simple and elegant.

2. Marcia Cross and Tom Mahoney wedding pictures

Marcia Cross wedding dress

If you are familiar with Desperate Housewives, you should be familiar with Marcia. Her pictures in her wedding gowns appeared in InStyle Wedding Magazine.

Marcia Cross wedding dress

Marcia Cross wedding dress

Marcia Cross wedding dress
The flowergirls and bridesmaids are very cute, aren’t they?

Marcia Cross wedding dress

This is a really gigantic wedding cake

3. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes wedding pictures

katie holmes wedding dress

The other celebrity wedding that have caught the attention of the whole wide world is of this couples.

There have alot of guessing where the wedding will be held and it is infact one of the news that any paparazzi wants to get hold of, preferably the first to do so.

However, such high profile weddings are only known to strictly invited guests.

Both were wearing Armani during their weddings, and not only them but most probably the whole family had worn similar brand.

katie holmes wedding dress

katie holmes wedding dress

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