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GoldenMine.com Wedding Ring

goldenmine gold wedding ring

Looking for an online shop for bridal jewelry? Confused by so many websites selling bridal jewelry?

Personally, I suggest you go to wholesaler and one of them is GoldenMine.com . It is an established jewelry wholesaler from Los Angeles’ Jewelry Mart.

Buying from wholesaler is a great idea so that you no need to pay for the retail and advertising fee. I bought my wedding rings from a local retail shop and I’m not sure how much of the purchase goes to the retail and advertising of its brand.

Now a little bit info on Chinese wedding customs. According to Chinese Customs, the groom’s family is required to purchased “Si Dian Jin” meaning 4 pieces of gold jewelry. They encompass the ear rings, necklance and bracelet.

I remember the variety of jelwery available in Singapore is really limited and I’m not really sure if shops really display “all” they have. Those in retail shops normally have their price chunked up by at least two times.

When you check out GoldenMine.com, you can find the jewelry nicely categorised into chains, braceltes, rings, necklaces, charms and diamonds.

dolphin wedding ring

In fact, the one that caught my attention is “Animal Rings“. Anyone looking for some less conventional designs can opt for this category. Beside dolphin designs, they have panther rings, elephant rings and even frog ring.

dolphin wedding ring

This website also allows you to choose your wedding jewelry according to your budget.
They have the range of $0 – $50, $50 – $100, $100 – $250, $250 – $500, $500 – $750, $750 – $1000 and $1000 – $9999.

Don’t let the numbers confuse you. Remember to buy according to your budget.

You really must check out this interesting search feature which narrow down the searches for you.

For example, you may be looking for a platinum rings priced between $1000 to $9999. So what you need to do is to choose the price range, the style (which is the jewelry type) and the material (which is Platinum for this case)

I must say that this search function is one of its kind and so far I have yet to find in other jewelry online websites.

Bearing in mind, they also offer gift certificates and this website also caters to anyone who is looking for wedding gifts.

There are also other wedding gift ideas for the bride and groom.

Before I end off, I would like to leave you with 5 tips you need to know about buying your engagement:
1. Check out from your future wife’s best friend as she will most probably have more insight about the ideal ring she wants.

2. Don’t buy the first ring that you see. Shop around and come back again.

3. You can educate yourself by visiting many shops or even online shops and ask them questions about engagement rings.

4. Narrow down 3 to 4 choices and get the best value for your money.

5. Remember to work within your budget as you still need money for your wedding.

Remember to vist GoldenMine.com to check out their quality bridal jewelry.

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